The earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaras caused one of the greatest destruction in the history of our country. More than 46 thousand of our citizens died as a result of the earthquake. Numerous buildings were destroyed in the cities affected by the earthquake, and some residential areas were completely destroyed. However, after the great catastrophe, we conducted an unprecedented mobilization of assistance to the country. The more pain and destruction, the more help and solidarity. Our foreign friends did not leave us alone in a disaster that caused sadness throughout the world. The search and rescue teams of many countries made strenuous efforts to rescue our citizens under the rubble in the first minutes after the earthquake. Relief materials were sent to the earthquake zone from different geographic regions of the world. However, we also have foreign friends who are still in the earthquake zone and are trying to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims at least a little. One of them is the world famous Spanish chef Jose Andres.

Andres, who arrived in the disaster area on the second day of the disaster and traveled all over the regions affected by the earthquake, distributed more than 10 million meals to the victims of the earthquake under the auspices of the World Central Cuisine charity, of which he was the founder and continues to do so. The organization, which has 14 kitchens in the territory, distributes food to 750 points and covers all expenses of 50 local restaurants in the region. Let’s look at the details together.

After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, we showed a unique example of solidarity.

Millions of people from all over the country competed with each other for participation in the relief campaign. Many people from abroad also participated in this unusual collaboration. World-famous Spanish chef José Andrés is one of the relief campaigners. Moreover, he has been in the disaster zone almost from the first moment of the disaster. Let’s take a closer look at Jose Andres and his incredible charitable work.

Born in 1961, José Andrés developed a passion for cooking at a young age.

Anderes immigrated to the United States from Spain in 1991.

Over the years he has become a world famous chef.

José Andres owns Michelin-starred restaurants in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Chicago and New York.

Andres is a talented and successful chef, as well as an extremely responsive person.

A Spanish chef who left for the region after the 2010 Haiti earthquake thinks about how he can help people as a chef after leaving the region and establishes the non-profit charity World Central Cuisine.

The goal of the organization is to find a solution to the problem of food and nutrition for the victims as soon as possible after a natural disaster.

The organization continues its charitable activities through donations. One of the goals of the organization is to get to disaster areas as quickly as possible. World Central Kitchen is also partnering with local chefs to address food and nutrition challenges in disaster areas.

Since 2010, World Central Kitchen has prepared over 300 million meals.

Jose Andres

José Andrés is one of the recognized figures in disaster areas. The world-famous chef also cooks for war victims who fled their homes due to the Ukrainian-Russian War, as well as people who cannot leave their homes due to Covid restrictions. In a word, wherever there is a catastrophe or a human tragedy, you can see Jose Andres with his team.

The famous chef arrived in Istanbul on the second day of the Kahramanmaras earthquake.

Jose Andres

Andres, who reached the disaster site on his own and traveled around all the cities affected by the earthquake, began preparations for cooking in a very short time.

World Central Kitchen, led by José Andrés, has installed 14 kitchens in the earthquake area to date.

Jose Andres

The organization distributes more than 300,000 meals a day at 750 locations.

Jose Andres

The amount of food distributed by the organization to date has exceeded 10 million servings. In addition, World Central Kitchen covers all costs for 50 restaurants in the area.

The celebrity chef, who has been in the region since the first minutes of the disaster, says he learned that “in Turkey, food is not thought of in hindsight, as in other countries.”

Jose Andres

For this reason, traditional delicacies such as pilaf with bulgur and casserole are among the regular menus of the cuisines of the seismic zone.

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