It has been 27 years since the first film, Scream, hit the screens and had a great impact on the world of cinema. We are writing this article to introduce this famous horror film series that changed the traditional view of horror films forever, as well as to introduce you to some little-known details about the Scream series.

When Wes Craven’s Scream hit the big screen in 1996, horror cinema was stuck in a kind of monotony. funny innovations typical of horror films of the 80s and a desire to add philosophical depth; It was lost in the 90s with recurring slashers. The rise of 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs marked an era in which gripping horror-influenced cat-and-mouse games and psychological thrillers dominated the horror film mainstream, while more traditional slasher films were losing their influence.

Everything changed again with the release of Scream, which was released five days before Christmas 1996. “Do you like horror films immortalized in horror films? With its creepy opening scene, Scream changed the horror-filled but simple horror movie of the 90s. In doing so, he created an iconic series that will last for generations and a new understanding of the genre that truly challenges the established horror genre.

Horror cinema is currently enjoying a new golden age, bringing new masterpieces to the genre with contemporary horror films such as The Legacy (2018). With so many new productions shaping the cultural discourse, recognizing Scream’s role in the evolution that brought the horror genre to this point is a big deal.

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Scream’s deliberate use of horror movie clichés was both a critique of the horror market and a game-changer.

This situation, which today may seem like a very common find, had a unique effect in horror cinema when the dates showed 1996. Scream’s use of other popular horror films and clichés to create its own plot; it has served as a critique of popular productions and clichés that often give the audience the impression that they are being presented for the first time, creating the illusion that they are watching the same scene for the first time and repeating each other.

Although horror films are often a genre that marks the difference between films of other genres, this realization is usually not associated with a special connection between the director and the audience; This is due to the cliché in the plot and the clarity of emotions that I would like to evoke in the audience. Because, as Scream emphasizes, slasher-style movie characters don’t have an original idea in the movie, and for that reason, viewers make choices they see as extremely unwise or naive.

In other words, in slasher films, actors act as extras, allowing ideas to be pondered or feelings aroused. But Creek and Wes Craven; Accepting this extravagance, he comes to the point where he criticizes it for being cliché-based and failing to go beyond the goal of scaring the public in the simplest of ways.

Scream brought out this whole critical side of his personality from the very first scene. If you want to remember or didn’t have the pleasure of watching the movie, here’s what happened in the first 12 minutes of Scream👇


A lonely teenager at home, getting ready to spend his free time in front of the TV, his phone rings. At first, he thinks it’s the wrong number, until he gets another call. A nameless stranger engages him in friendly conversation, forcing him to talk about his favorite horror movie. Responding to the famous 1978 slasher movie Halloween starring the character Michael Myers, the teenager gives this answer while absentmindedly playing with a giant carving knife similar to the one Myers used on Halloween. The caller continues the conversation for a while after this answer, and then immediately asks the caller for his name because “he wants to know who he’s looking at.”

A stranger who begins to frighten the target kills the target girl’s boyfriend after making it clear that he is watching the house. But before that, he asks her to play the “guess the horror movie” game with him. In the end, the killer forces the girl out of the house and brutally kills her in the yard of the house. Referring to other horror films during a very gripping opening scene, this horror film was referring to other horror films not only in deed but also in name.

What did Creek achieve?

Scream not only talked about himself, but also broke the big horror stereotype by breaking new ground as he was aware of the fact that his characters were in a horror movie. The key message of the memorable opening scene of The Scream is, in fact, a radical critique that such an opening scene should not exist at all. horror fans who have watched a lot of slasher movies; when they see the spoiled and innocent young blonde at the beginning of the film; would immediately point to this character as the protagonist of Scream and prepare to get close to this character.

However, Scream chief director Wes Craven turns all assumptions on their head and kills the battered character right in front of our eyes from the very first scene. After the first 12 minutes, the scene we see is quite taboo. The script for Scream could have told a much more traditional horror story if it had been desired, and it would still have been effective, with its twists and turns and unexpected surprises. However, the film has a specific goal, refuting its own script. This goal seems to have been adopted to some degree by horror cinema.

First 4 films and beyond

Wes Craven directed 4 films in the series in 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2011 respectively, and Scream 4 was one of the last feature films directed by Wes Craven. Two more Scream movies were released last year and this year (as of 2023) after the first 4 movies and Wes Craven passed away following the same characters and cycle of events. However, after making major changes to the plot and the main characters… Wes Craven expressed his reaction in Scream: The Series, released shortly before his death, that the masked serial killer’s mask was changed: “Ghostface should remain Ghostface” . used words. Thus, the faithful continuation of “Scream” was seen as a kind of testament to Wes Craven. For now, the Scream series continues its faithful adaptation.

Now let’s move on to the part where we briefly introduced each film from this world-famous horror series, detailing their history and purpose.

Enjoy reading!

Scream – Scream (1996) – IMDB: 7.4


Woodsbroro, a peaceful California town, begins to turn into a bloodbath as a masked killer roams the city. When Sydney Prescott, a young woman whose mother was murdered a year ago, becomes the target of a masked assassin; Sidney’s boyfriend Billy Loomis and Sidney’s father are under surveillance as prime suspects. Gale Weathers and local news reporter Dewey Riley try to figure out who the killer is; They pursue the idea if the killer is the same person who killed Sydney’s mother last year. When the night falls, it will be seen who is behind the mask…

Scream 2 – Scream 2 (1997) – IMDB: 6.3

Scream 2

Two years have passed since the tragic events in Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks are students at Windsor College trying to get on with their lives. In the meantime, noted news reporter Gail Weathers has written the best-selling novel The Woodsboro Murders, which will be made into a movie, Stab, starring Tori Spelling as Sidney. As the film’s release date approaches, the cycle of death begins again. Dewey Riley rolls over trying to protect Sydney. However, in this great sequel to the 1996 horror film, the number of corpses will skyrocket, and the number of suspects will slowly decrease!

Scream 3 – Scream 3 (2000) – IMDB: 5.6

While the new Woodsbroro horror movie is being filmed, the news that the killer has started to roam around again shocks everyone. Targeting the survivors of Woodsbroro, the killer goes on a killing spree on the set of Impact 3. This saves Sydney from hiding deep in the woods where she lives, and she arrives in Hollywood to face the killer in the final act. Sydney must face the demons of her past in order to stop the killer(s).

Scream IV – Scream 4 (2011) – IMDB: 6.2

Creek IV

Exactly 10 years after the latest events, Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro to promote Out of the Darkness, a self-help book about his life before and after the murders. Years later, Dewey made a girlfriend named Judy Hicks, becoming the sheriff in charge of city justice. Since 2000, when the murders in Hollywood ended, the people of Woodsboro have returned to their old and boring lives. Sydney is soon reunited with her cousin Jill and aunt Kate. But Sydney’s return to the city will also bring back the ghosts of her past.

Scream – Scream 5 (2022) – IMDB: 6.3

Just like in the original movie from 25 years ago, the sweet girl finds herself at home alone one evening when her phone rings. The caller says he wants to play a game with her. Threatening the life of her best friend, Tara is forced to bow to the caller. That night, he luckily escaped the attack of the masked intruder. After leaving home early due to mental issues, her older sister Sam and her boyfriend, as well as Tara’s school friends, visit Tara in the hospital. Later, a man they had an argument with at a bar is attacked by a masked man in the parking lot. Sam gets another call to the hospital, and then he starts having another seizure. Her sister then decides to reveal her family secrets to Tara. Sam turns to Dewey, one of the former victims of the masked attacker, for help. Two other former victims, Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers, are alerted that Ghostface has returned. Who is Ghostface really? How many more people have to die for this to end?

Scream VI – Scream 6 (2023) – IMDB: 7.3

Creek VI

In this latest Scream movie, the survivors of the Ghostface murders leave Woodsboro and decide to start a new life in New York. But is it just how it ends?

Bonus: Scream (TV series) – Scream (2015-2019) – IMDB: 7.1

After a cyberbullying incident leads to a brutal murder, people witness a new wave of murders from the past that haunt their victims. A new killing spree that captivates some people and possibly inspires a new killer brings back memories that some people want to forget. A group of young people are targeted by a serial killer seeking revenge; on the other hand, they become suspects or victims, respectively, of events.

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