Tadıbu is one of the most popular cocoa and hazelnut creams. Moreover, Tadıbu, which has been compared to Nutella, is quite assertive about its product. Brand owner Abdurrahman Tatlydzhi “While raising your own children; Although they wanted so much, I couldn’t get them to calmly eat cocoa nut cream because of their content. For this reason, I considered it a duty of our parents to pass this taste on to their children, without experiencing the same experiences that I experienced. To do this, we offer you Tadıbu cocoa hazelnut paste.” Let’s take a closer look at Tadıbu, which is identified with the phrases “Tadıbu”. Where is the fragrance sold? Where is Tadıbu known for its famous taste produced? Why did Abdurrahman Tatlıcı establish the Tadıbu brand? Those who are interested in Tadıbu cocoa hazelnut paste are waiting for you below.

Tastebu nutritional value and taste, what are the ingredients?

When we look at the content of cocoa hazelnut cream; It can be seen that there are hazelnuts, milk powder and granulated sugar. Compared to similar products on the market, sugar is not in the first place. The ratio of hazelnuts in the product is at a much higher level compared to similar products. Tastebu contains 35% hazelnuts. You can also see that the product uses additional hazelnut oil. If you look at the composition of the product, then 37 grams per 100 grams. We see that it contains fat, and only 3.83 grams of this fat is saturated fat. In other words, we can say that 6.2% of the calories obtained from eating tadību come from saturated fat. This figure is below the 10% recommended by the World Health Organization, which should not be exceeded. The composition of the product is as follows: hazelnuts (35%), milk powder, granulated sugar, hazelnut oil, cocoa (6%).

So is it natural?

One of the most curious questions about Tadıbu cocoa hazelnut paste is whether it is natural or not. First of all, the product uses granulated sugar, as well as natural sugar – lactose, obtained from milk powder. In this state, the product is 37 grams per 100 grams. You can tell it has sugar in it. This explains that about 26% of calories consumed come from added sugar. If we need to compare this figure with lactose, then we can say that it is even lower. In addition, the amount of protein and fiber in the product is also important. 100 gr Tadybu. 36.3 gr in the product. 5.9 g in terms of carbohydrates. As long as there is fiber, the product at the same rate of 15.8 gr. contains protein. However, at this point it should be noted that hazelnut and hazelnut oil, which are abundant in the product, have their effect. The product does not contain preservatives and emulsifiers.

Abdurrahman Tatlıcı Tadıbu Cocoa Hazelnut Paste

try this cocoa hazelnut paste

We remind you that this delicious product can be smoked, enjoyed during breakfast, between meals. In addition to breakfast, it can be consumed with tea or coffee. You can click here to explore and buy Tadıbu, which contains 35 percent hazelnuts and has the lowest sugar content of any other product on the market. The product is offered for sale as Tadıbu 330 gr and Tadıbu 850 gr. So, in which markets can you find delicious Tadıbu cream? Where is the fragrance sold? The famous creamy taste, where is it cheaper? We can answer these questions for both supermarket chains and online shopping sites.

Whose taste is this?

try this cocoa hazelnut paste

About Tadıbu, which competes with Nutella: “Whose Tadıbu, where is it produced?” The questions are also very interesting. Tadıbu is a well-established brand owned by Abdurrahman Tatlıcı, whose workshop is located in Ankara. Abdurrahman Tatliji branded Tadıbu “When raising their own children; Although they wanted so much, I couldn’t get them to calmly eat cocoa nut cream because of their content. For this reason, I considered it a duty of our parents to pass on this taste to their children, without experiencing the worries that I experienced. and touches on the history of this delicious product.

TadIbu user comments are as follows:

try this cocoa hazelnut paste

We would like to share tadIbu, tadIbu sour and Amazon consumer reviews with you. Let’s see what those who have tried it say about Tadibu;

The taste is not chocolate. Be sure to try. The product with a future date arrived without problems and is not expired. They were beautifully wrapped. The only thing missing is that the price could have been a little more affordable than similar sellers.

“I can give it 10 stars, it’s so delicious. You are eating hazelnuts. I was looking for pure breakfast chocolate for my child, now the address is clear.

“I call it a legend. Much better than Nutella. First, it is a domestic production. No contribution. He doesn’t freeze. You will feel the taste of hazelnuts to the fullest. Chocolate flavor and excellent quality too. I recommend it completely. 1 box can be eaten 🙂 very good taste. Very good Abdurrahman dear :)”

“I thought the positive comments were advertising but I felt so ashamed, it’s really, really delicious, it’s like therapy when you smell it, it’s delicious when you eat it and you can eat it when you eat it 🤤 goodbye Nutella, WELCOME TADIBU 😍 I swear they got the name wrong, I think it would be perfect if it was TADIEFSO 👏🏻☺️”

“I saw it in the studies, I read the comments. It tastes very, very pleasant, no sugary aftertaste, hazelnut flavor and chocolate flavor in the mouth. It is also free of preservatives and palm oil. I highly recommend”

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