Thousands of people died as a result of earthquakes in Kahramanmaras. Tens of thousands of our citizens survived the natural disaster with injuries. But many settlements were destroyed, and cities, like lives, lay in ruins. In short, the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras are one of the greatest devastations that the history of our country has faced, both materially and spiritually. However, this painful experience made us remember and never forget that Turkey is an earthquake-prone country. Although many scientists have been paying attention to the fact of earthquakes in our country for many years, reminding them of an earthquake. However, the point reached today shows that the earthquake in Turkey is a forgotten reality. Here is one of the scientists who made important warnings about the reality of earthquakes in Turkey in recent years, prof. Dr. Nashi sees.

Today, the “Beware of Kahramanmaras” warning made by Görür many years ago is being circulated in both the mainstream media and social media. Unfortunately, it is clear that Göryur’s warnings were not heeded. However, prof. Dr. Nasi Göryur still gives important and wonderful warnings today. Especially about Istanbul and Izmir. Let’s look at the details together.

Earthquakes in Kahramanmaras cause unprecedented destruction

We have lost countless people in an extremely tragic way. From our cities, where ancient cultures and historical monuments stood side by side, only ruins remained. Not only in the disaster zone, but throughout Turkey, there are blockages that are not easy to remove.

However, we once again reminded that the earthquake is one of the most important problems in our country, for which one has to pay a high price. However, while many empowered and non-authorized people remember the earthquake after the Kahramanmaras disaster, there were some names that did not forget the earthquake and tried to keep it on the agenda.

Today prof. Dr. Warnings issued by Nasi Göryur many years ago are shared

geologist, specialist in marine geology, member of the Academy of Sciences, prof. Dr. Naci Göryur’s warnings that an earthquake was expected in Kahramanmaras a few years ago are being circulated in many different media today.

Nasi Göryur is not the only scientist to warn of earthquakes in Kahramanmaras. So the catastrophe, which led to great destruction for the country, was not unexpected and surprising, at least for some scientists. On the other hand, Naci Göryur, who is on the agenda with his Kahramanmaras earthquake warnings, also gives important warnings about upcoming earthquakes in Istanbul and Izmir.

Gerer states that there is no problem “more real than the earthquake in Turkey”.

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Recalling that Turkey is a land of earthquakes, Görür states that there will also be serious earthquakes in our country in the near future. Necessary steps must be taken to avoid collapse during an earthquake, minimize damage and make cities earthquake-resistant, according to Naci Göryur.

Nasi Göryur also gives important warnings about the upcoming earthquake in Istanbul.

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Speaking about the earthquake in Istanbul and the Sea of ​​Marmara that will destroy the economy of the Marmara region, Görür said:The expected Istanbul earthquake will bring the economy of the Marmara region to a halt. The business world cannot say that we are ready for an earthquake. The Marmara region covers 60 percent or more of production, industry and trade. When those wheels stop and can’t produce, you won’t be able to get that economy back up to capacity in 2 years. You won’t bring him to you in 10 years. In the Sea of ​​Marmara region, where the wheels of the economy stop, Turkey is in economic collapse. Because the brain of the economy, the artery of the Marmara region, when you stop it, Turkey will fall to its knees. loses economic independence” he uses.

The scientist claims that if precautions are not taken, the earthquake in Istanbul will cause a major environmental disaster.

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prof. Dr. Nasi Göryur reminds that if the necessary precautions are not taken, the earthquake in Istanbul will turn into a major environmental disaster. See about it “Infrastructure is very important. Istanbul 16 million. Imagine if the sewer system collapsed, which, in my opinion, will collapse. What will be the state of Istanbul? You cannot clean up a polluted environment. Earthquake readiness is mentioned in building the foundation, only the building fund comes to mind. If urban transformation is left to a contractor with engine power, it will be referred to as rent-based transformation.” he uses.

Görer cites some startling data to draw attention to how devastating an expected earthquake in Istanbul could be: “The rubble in Istanbul can only be removed in 3-5 years.”

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Nasi Göryur made a wonderful statement to show the extent of the devastation that would occur after an earthquake. Accordingly, it may take years to remove the pile of rubble that will arise in Istanbul during a possible earthquake! He sees about this subject”If an earthquake occurred in Istanbul, 35 million tons of rubble would rise. “If you drive it with a 30-ton truck 24 hours a day, you will only finish it in 3-5 years. If waste is not disposed of properly, biochemical reactions begin … “ uses expressions.

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