The choice of underwear is a very sensitive issue. That’s why fashion experts and magazines often don’t give much advice about bras or panties when they talk about clothes. In this article, we’ll talk about 8 lingerie mistakes that even celebrities make and how to fix them. Let’s look at the details together.

1. Condensing laundry must not be visible under clothing.

Some women choose to wear slimming underwear, such as corsets, under their clothes when they go to important events. However, corsets should not be visible under clothing. For this reason, you should pay attention to the seams of the shaper you purchase and its position in tight clothing.

2. It shouldn’t be too tight either.


Some people buy shapewear a few sizes smaller to create the effect of a smaller waist. But what shapes your body is not tight underwear, but dense and elastic fabric. Also, underwear that is too small can have the opposite effect, making you look bigger than usual.

3. Panty lines are visible under tight pants.


Before wearing tight dresses, skirts or pants, you need to make sure that your underwear does not have a pronounced texture and thick seams. The presence of clear panty lines creates a not very pleasant image. If you’re wearing tight, thin fabrics, seamless underwear or thongs are your best bet.

4. Don’t Tighten Your Bra Straps


Bra straps perform about 30% of the supporting function of a bra. But the main work is done not by the straps, but by the front of the bra, sides and bottom. In addition, straps that are too tight are uncomfortable and can injure your shoulder.

5. Ordinary bras are not suitable for sports.

No matter how comfortable your favorite bra is, it is definitely not suitable for sports. Traditional bras do not provide the necessary support for the breasts during active sports. In addition, straps can rub against sweaty skin, causing irritation. Choose a good sports bra for your comfort and safety.

6. Different clothes require different underwear

Despite the fact that everyone chooses classic bras, they can look bad under some clothes. For example, backless dresses and classic bras will never go together. Or, if you’re wearing a thin, skinny sweater, it will accentuate any texture worn underneath. In this case, you should choose basic underwear without lace and decorations.

7. Tight bras do not create the effect of full breasts.

Some women think that a small bra will make their breasts look fuller. But tight bras can be harmful to health, because they make breathing difficult, worsen blood circulation, and cause unpleasant creases on the back and chest. A healthier option is to choose padded bras that fit your size.

8. It is not necessary to wear only a nude bra under a white shirt.

Probably, we all think that wearing black underwear under a white blouse is not a good idea. The same applies to white underwear. But the color of the tan merges with the skin, making it almost invisible under the white fabric.

However, if you don’t have a nude bra, you can also opt for red bras. We know it sounds weird, but according to research, a red bra disappears under a white shirt. Just be careful, it should be pure red, not pinkish or burgundy.

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