Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, said that Ukrainian pilots have begun training F-16s.

Borrell made a statement to the press before entering a meeting of EU defense ministers.

“I am glad that Ukrainian pilots have finally begun to learn how to fly the F-16.” Borrell said it would take time, but the sooner it was completed the better.

Borrell stated that trainings have started in several countries and stated that Poland is one of those countries.

When asked at what stage the process of joint procurement for the EU countries to speed up the delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine is, Borrell said that this process is moving forward.

At the G7 meeting held in Japan last week, the way was opened for the delivery of F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine.

agenda of defense ministers

At the meeting, the main agenda will be to accelerate the supply of weapons and ammunition that Ukraine demands.

The training of the Ukrainian military will also be on the agenda. EU officials say they have completed training for 15,000 Ukrainian troops so far, and they plan to increase that number to 20,000.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will also attend the meeting of EU defense ministers.

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