Türkiye again ran to the polls as the presidential elections went to the second round. While the voting process was going on, images were circulating on social media that made people say, “I can’t live anywhere else,” just like in the first round. The voter, who came to the polling station in a state of intoxication, accidentally broke the seal. Our 113-year-old aunt Fatma Tirash came to vote with a cast on her broken arm and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. In some provinces, cats entered schools and acted as consultants at the ballot box. This and many similar events took place in different parts of Turkey. Let’s take a look at the voting scenes together👇

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There are those who wear Janissary outfits, and those who occupy their table! Election Landscapes Across Turkey

1. A voter in Adana came to vote dressed as the superhero Spider-Man.

2. Our citizen, who came to the polls drunk, broke the seal

He probably drank too much from excitement before the election.

3. Meanwhile, a woman came to vote with her lamb

4 Cats Also Acted As Chest Protection Consultants


5. Another cat has been spying on who the townspeople voted for all day 😂💕


6. 113-year-old Fatma Tirash, despite a broken arm, went to the polls and fulfilled her civic duty.


7. Our stylish aunts, who came to the polls early in the morning, set a good example for those who did not want to vote.


8. Another citizen came to vote on a stretcher.

9. The newlyweds ran to the polls in a wedding dress and groom


10. One of our citizens proposed to his girlfriend using a ballot, motivating this on Election Day.


11. A citizen came to vote dressed as a deer in Dikkaldirim, Bursa.


12. Much was also said about the cry of the voter during the voting in Antalya.

13. Our respected scientist Muazzez Ilmie Chig, born in 1914, laughed and played this game.

14. Cats were on duty throughout Turkey

15. Our citizen wrote in the bulletin “Mauro Icardi” and declared the game invalid🤷‍♀️

16. Someone else felt the need to put their love for Fenerbahce to a vote.

17. In these elections there were people who went to the polls on horseback!

A group of spearmen from Erzurum took their horses to vote.

18. A married couple living in Kars came to the polls in local Caucasian clothes for the elections.

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