The Kahramanmaras earthquake caused great destruction in many aspects of our country. Thousands of our people died, countless of us were injured, some settlements turned into a heap of ruins. After the strong earthquakes in Kahramanmarash, two strong earthquakes recently occurred in Hatay. In other words, earthquakes, which are causing great sadness and fear throughout Turkey, are the most important issue on the agenda of millions of people lately. Moreover, it will not and should not be on our agenda for some time. Because scientists have long warned about the coming Istanbul earthquake. It is argued that the expected Istanbul earthquake will cause much more destruction than what we are experiencing today.

Here is the brightest, frightening, but no less important warning of the last period about the Istanbul earthquake, the director of the Institute for Earthquake Research of the Kandilli Observatory, prof. Dr. He came from Dogan Calafat. Kalafat says there is a 64 percent chance of an earthquake greater than magnitude 7 in Istanbul in the next 7 years. Let’s look at the details together.

The earthquakes in Kahramanmaras made us remember the reality of earthquakes in our country, paying a heavy price.

We have lost thousands of people in our 10 cities affected by earthquakes. Tens of thousands of our people were injured, settlements turned into ruins…

We survived the earthquakes in Hatay before we could heal the wounds caused by the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Kahramanmarash.

Istanbul earthquake

Earthquakes that occurred with a difference of only 3 minutes in the areas of Defne and Samandag Khatai further aggravated the earthquake in our country. In short, the earthquake has been on Turkey’s priority agenda since February 6, when the great calamity occurred. However, the earthquake will not be on our agenda for some time. After the earthquakes in the Kahramanmarash and Hatay regions, scientists do not expect a strong earthquake in these regions in the short term. However, the Istanbul earthquake, which may create a survival problem for our country, is not far off!

Scientists have long been reminded that the Istanbul earthquake is approaching.

Istanbul earthquake

On the other hand, it is clear that in Istanbul, as in all of Turkey, there is no earthquake preparation or earthquake plan. Studies have shown that it is difficult to predict the number of buildings that will be destroyed in an Istanbul earthquake, the number of people who will lose their lives, the security problems that will arise, the fires, the chaos, in short, the extent of the destruction that will occur during an Istanbul earthquake.

It is for these reasons that countless scientists are making important warnings about the upcoming Istanbul earthquake. It is stated that Istanbul should be ready for an earthquake as soon as possible. One of the most striking warnings about the upcoming earthquake in Istanbul is the director of the Institute for Earthquake Research at the Kandilli Observatory, prof. Dr. He came from Dogan Calafat.

prof. Dr. Doğan Kalafat states that within 7 years Istanbul will experience an earthquake with a magnitude of over 7 with a 64 percent probability.

Istanbul earthquake

Of course, this dire warning is not based on Calafat’s guesses. Scientific studies show that the Istanbul earthquake is at the door. Calafat said in a statement on the matter: “An earthquake can also occur in the central part of the North Anatolian fault line. However, there will be an earthquake in the Sea of ​​Marmara. The danger of this is obvious. In Marmara, wine passed here, we have nothing to talk about. A branch passing through the Sea of ​​Marmara. This arm will cause an earthquake with magnitude greater than 7. Its place is known, but we cannot say when. These are the only statistical studies we can do. This earthquake will happen with a probability of 64% by 2030, with a probability of 75% by 2050 and with a probability of 95% by 2090. uses expressions.

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