During the Ottoman era, coffeehouses, where people gathered to exchange information and ideas and where both everyday and political events were judged, were among the most important “civil” spaces of social life. However, the culture of coffee houses in Anatolian geography continues to exist, although it has changed significantly. Today, coffee houses are among the most important gathering places for many people across the country.

However, one of the things that form the basis of today’s coffee shops is games. Today, people who fill coffee shops spend their time playing backgammon, ok or various card games. However, the coffee house in Diyarbakır is very different from coffee houses throughout the country. The coffee house in the Baglar district has been a meeting place for chess lovers in the city since 1992. Let’s look at the details together.

Coffee houses have been among the most important public places in history.

It is known that coffee houses were one of the most important elements of social and political life, especially during the Ottoman Empire. In other words, it’s wrong to think of coffee shops as simple structures that cater to people’s needs for socialization and drinking tea and coffee.

Moreover, the culture of coffee houses in our country continues to exist today. However, one can easily say that coffee houses have largely lost their function and importance in public life and have now taken on the form of more “coffee houses”.

In modern coffee shops, backgammon, okey, or various card games are often played.

However, Diyarbakır has a coffee shop that is very different from the rest of the country. Teahouse Esnaf in the Baglar district, a meeting place for chess regulars in the city since 1992.

Of course, in this coffee shop they drink tea, coffee and have conversations. However, the only game that those who come to this cafe can play is chess. Visitors to the coffee shop also come here mainly to play chess.

The chess cafe in Diyarbakır gathers chess players, especially those over 60.

chess cafe

Some chess regulars say that for many years they have been coming to the chess cafe almost every day and playing chess there. However, the Diyarbakır Chess Café is a popular place for young chess fans, although it is frequented by “older chess players”.

Many chess players of different professions share their trump cards under the roof of the Diyarbakır Chess Cafe.

chess cafe

Kiraatane is the scene of highly competitive chess games from time to time. Especially matches in which players who are known for their skill and success in chess take part are of great interest to chess fans.

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