Some of the images recently shared on social media have been some of the most imaginative and poignant political criticisms of the recent period. “Thank you Erdogan” stickers have been stuck on groceries in markets and stores, criticizing the cost of living, which has recently reached unbearable levels. This is what sparked a notable development, with stickers bearing the slogan “Thank you Erdogan” adorning expensive markets and shop counters. Sticker designer Mahir Akkoyun said on his social media account that he was taken into custody. Of course, along with many politicians, thousands of social media users reacted harshly to the detention of Akkoyun. Let’s look at the details together.

Mahir Akkoyun, a few days ago”I designed these stickers. To be tethered to groceries in markets, greengrocers, markets and malls, and places like grocery shelves where people are most exposed to inflation and rising cost of living.He made a post on the social media saying:

After the exchange, stickers with the words “Thank you Erdogan” were pasted on various goods by many people.

Mahir Akkoyun was detained this morning because of these stickers

Mahir Akkoyun

It is alleged that Akkoyun, who was allegedly detained in Izmir, was accused of insulting the president, disrupting the election process and spreading false rumors, and that Akkoyun was taken to court to demand his release under judicial control.

The detention of Mahir Akkoyun, the author of “Thank you Erdogan” stickers critical of the recent living wage, has sparked a backlash on social media.

In addition to many well-known politicians, thousands of social media users reacted to the decision to detain Akgoyun. Here are some of those posts.















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