President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that 12 million tons of grain products were delivered to 40 countries of the world by almost 500 ships thanks to the Grain Corridor Agreement, which ensures the exit of grain from his country.

In his speech at the international forum “Grain from Ukraine”, held in the capital Kyiv, Zelensky also assessed the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Zelensky, who spoke at the opening of the forum, which was attended by the prime ministers of Belgium, Poland and Lithuania, as well as Hungarian President Katalin Nowak, said he was pleased that the forum was held in Kyiv.

Claiming that Russia has made many people starve and drink because of the war it launched in Ukraine on Feb. 24, Zelenskiy said: “We will not allow millions of people in the world to be hungry and thirsty.” said.

Pointing out that Ukraine is one of the most important countries exporting grain products to the world, Zelensky said that, despite all the difficulties, they continue to send grain products to different countries in order to avoid a world hunger crisis.

Noting that thanks to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, ships with millions of tons of grain products have left Ukrainian ports to prevent a global hunger crisis, Zelensky said: “About 500 ships have left our ports so far. This is 12 million tons of agricultural products for 40 countries of the world and all societies.” he said.

Zelensky said he thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres for their important contributions to the creation of the Black Sea Grain Corridor.

In addition, Zelensky said that they created the Grain from Ukraine initiative to support countries in need of help.

“As part of the “Grain from Ukraine” program, we plan to send at least 60 ships, 10 per month, from our ports to countries at risk of famine and drought by the end of next spring.”

Zelensky said that the EU countries are trying to prepare new sanctions to reduce the price of Russian oil to $65 per barrel, but this is not enough and said: “Russia will win tens of billions. We want the sanctions to be effective, and the limits (price ceiling) to be around $30-40 so that Russia can feel them.” said.

Speaking at the forum, other leaders expressed support for Ukraine against Russia.

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