Communication and technology are among the most important concepts of modern times. The most basic point of intersection of these two important concepts is the Internet. The Internet, one of the defining elements of the era in which we live, is one of the inventions that has changed human history at an unprecedented rate. Today, however, important developments continue to occur in the field of the Internet, communications and information technology. In this direction, research has been carried out, which can lead to the beginning of a new era in wireless communication technologies. Scientists from Northeastern University in the United States managed to establish the longest terahertz connection to date. Thus, for the first time, it has been proven that long-range wireless communication is possible at the terahertz frequency, which, as stated, is of great importance for the usability of 6G Internet. Let’s take a look at the details of this important event that could start the era of 6G on the Internet…

Scientists from Northeastern University, in collaboration with NASA and the US Air Force, have signed an extremely important study that could change Internet technology.

American scientists have proven for the first time that high-speed broadband wireless communication at the terahertz frequency is possible over long distances. Using the terahertz frequency band, which is of great importance for the 6G internet, the scientists were able to transmit data for two kilometers in this band.

According to a new study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Electronics, scientists at Northeastern University benefited from information technology provided by NASA and Amazon over a 4-day study period.

Terahertz is used to describe frequencies above 100 gigahertz.


The frequency limit of the 5G Internet technology used today is 71 GHz. For this reason, it is stated that the terahertz frequency is one of the most important elements of the 6G Internet. On the other hand, although it was previously known that it was possible to transmit signals in the terahertz range, the work of US scientists is the first and most important study showing that this technology can be used over long distances.

Experts say that with the introduction of 6G technology, regions in which it is impossible to create an Internet infrastructure will be able to access the Internet.


Josep Jornet, head of the research team, said:We offer you a technology that can provide optical connectivity without the hassle of optical infrastructure.” he uses.

In the era of 6G, the Internet is expected to undergo significant changes in many areas.

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Because the Internet will become much faster than it is now with 6G technology. Thus, it will be possible to transmit even high-dimensional data in a short time. The incredible “speed” of 6G internet will enable significant advances in many areas, from artificial intelligence to medicine.

However, according to experts, there is still time before the start of the 6G era. The technology is expected to become commercially available in the 2030s. However, 6G also has some drawbacks compared to 5G…

It is stated that 6G will be much more “sensitive” compared to 5G


Making the most of 6G technology may not be as much as it seems. Because in this technology, in order for data to be transmitted as quickly as possible, the signals must reach the target without encountering any obstacles. So 6G is more sensitive than 5G! For this reason, it is argued that 6G may be more suitable for “open lands” in the first place.

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