The love of a father is very, very special, and for every child, his father is very dear. We do a lot to show our fathers our love for them. Because their happiness is priceless to us. Sometimes just a few nice words are enough to make our fathers happy. For this reason, we have compiled beautiful words that you can say to your father and messages that we can send. Here are words about father and messages to send to father.

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Here are some nice words about my father…

There’s a place called Daddy’s Shoulder. You feel peace to the bone…

Do you miss your father? If I see your shadow, I will hug you.

The father is the cause of mortal life, but the one who gives education is the cause of eternal life.

Give me a holiday… Let my father be in it…

Dad is like a plane tree. Even if he has no fruit, his shadow is enough…

I don’t know why, but I missed you so much today, dad.

I loved such a man that he never left me. Because this man was my only father.

Fathers seem cold, but their warmth is felt even after death.

The father describes the shortcomings of his child as a virtue and is proud of it.

Father protects, hugs, misses; This is a person whose meaning is better understood in his absence.

Because fathers, like a lion, are behind us, no matter what we do.

Early evening in houses without a father.

Now I have learned to walk. But I’m still afraid to fall. Don’t let go of my hands, father!

Some don’t appreciate their father, some can’t find a father they appreciate.

A home without a father is like a bride without a veil.

The person who sits cross-legged in the most comfortable corner to my left! Alhamdulillah for your existence, my dear father.

My father… Without you, something is always missing.

The role of a father is worth the role of a hundred teachers.

A man can feel respect for his father only when he becomes a father.

Do you want your father’s legacy? Explore your knowledge. You can spend his money right now.

A father is more pleased with the happiness of his children than with his own.

A father can take care of a hundred children, but a hundred children cannot take care of a father.

The greatest good that a father can do for children is to love their mother.

If you obey your father, you can expect respect and obedience from your son.

The virtues of the father are the wealth of the children.

As a father, you will see that you can be happy with your child’s happiness, not with your own happiness.

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quotes about dad

forget? You are everywhere, my eyes see, my father!

One of the most beautiful things a person will hear is the advice of his father. In fact, father’s advice is looking for the realities of life.

Fathers are the first heroes of sons and the first love of daughters.

The safest and most comfortable place in the world is in your father’s arms. Because you hug him first.

Some superheroes don’t have capes. They are called dads!

If I am born again, I would like to be your child again, father.

A man’s best childhood friend is his father. When he grows up, his best friend is his father. His father is the one he misses the most as he gets older.

I remember waking up at night from my nightmares in my room and calling you, how my fear disappeared as soon as you appeared at the door …

If the father is the educator of earthly life, he is the cause of eternal life.

I am filled with you with joy and love. You reflect the love inside of me so beautifully. When you love me, the world becomes more beautiful for me, my dear father…

The moment I hug you, all my problems in the world will be over. You have always had such an impact on my life, my dear father.

I was only seven years old when he told me that there are two sides to this life, but we must always be on the side of good. I still haven’t stepped out of the shadow of the words you said that day, my dear father. Wingless angel of my life, I love you very, very much.

You are such a wonderful example for me, my father, that I discover with you all the beauties of the world. You are my most irreplaceable, I love you very much, my only father…

A man realizes that he is getting old because he begins to resemble his father.

Being a father is not difficult. But being a parent is hard.

You are our unshakable support, you are our gracious dear father.

Paternity is neither an honorable nor a beautiful title, as this title always shines in the eyes of children.

The father is the middle door to heaven. – Hz. Mohammed

Mom is the vineyard you travel through, dad is the mountain you lean on. The best time of my life with your mother and father.

The pillar of our family, the only one in our hearts, it’s good that we exist. Let’s eat halal throat pieces without snacking on haram. We love you so much.

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Here are words about father and messages to send to father…

Father, if you could see the pride in me when I say that I am your son.

A man can feel respect for his father only when he becomes a father.

As a child, I always took you as an example. Also, in the games we played, I immediately became a father. Because fathers were strong and brave at heart. I am now a father like you, my dear father. I am where I am now thanks to your advice. Also, my dear father, I love you very much.

My dear father, your shadow will always be the wind that caresses my soul and the honor that crowns my heart.

Because you were always by my side and you taught me about life while you held me.

No matter how much I grow up, I will have the honor of being your child.

The role of a father is worth the role of a hundred teachers.

Father’s scent is different. When you are with me, when you hold me in your arms, all pain passes, my troubles end, life continues in joy.

The stove is so warm that it never catches a cold, even if the coal is not burning.

The father is the mountain, the father is the umbrella of his children, the father is courage, the father is the strength and guardian of his home, his children. He is also the permanent guardian of the hearth.

Father is earth. It’s a stove, dad. His heart is like the sky. Sometimes they growl, sometimes they glow. Although his brows are sometimes furrowed, his heart beats for you, father. It’s the door, dad.

A father’s heart is thinner than paper, stronger than wood, and deeper than the sea.

Our father is the soul, the soul is the soul, the time worth living is the moment spent with the father.

Papa means a mountain that you can lean on without fear. Because the shoulders of the fathers are strong as mountains.

Do not look far away hometown, father, you and I are always very close.

I would like to hug you one more time, dad. Because your hands were like the sky.

Thank you, my dear father, for always being by my side.

You are the best father in the world. I love you so much, my dear father.

You are our unshakable support, you are our gracious dear father.

You are the best father in the world. I love you so much, my dear father.

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