US President Joe Biden will meet with Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy.

US President Joe Biden said he would discuss the issue with Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy once the federal government hits the $31.4 trillion debt limit.

Joe Biden hosted mayors attending the Winter Meeting of the Conference of Mayors at the White House marking the second anniversary of his inauguration.

Speaking here, Biden explained the steps they took to improve the US economy and said they were able to provide more Americans with jobs in their two years in office.

Arguing that despite Republican calls for the federal government to cut welfare and health care spending, Biden said the spending is for the good of citizens and that he will soon meet House Speaker McCarthy to discuss the issue. , and that he will also deal with this issue in his State of the Union address.

President Biden has warned that if the debt limit is not reached and a default occurs, we could be facing “a catastrophe that so far outshines everything financially.”

On the other hand, McCarthy, in a post on his Twitter account, stated that he was ready to meet with Biden and used the following statements:

‚ÄúPresident Biden: I accept your invitation to discuss a responsible increase in the debt limit to address irresponsible government spending. I look forward to our meeting.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly stated that their position on the debt limit is clear and that they will not negotiate on the issue and that Congress must act unconditionally to increase the debt limit.

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