North Korean Prime Minister Kim Tok Hoon met with the new Chinese Ambassador to Pyongyang.

According to a Yonhap report, North Korea’s official news agency (KCNA) reported that Prime Minister Kim Tok Hoon met with China’s new ambassador to Pyongyang, Wang Yakun.

The KCNA said the meeting was held in a “warm and friendly” atmosphere.

A statement released on the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang’s social media site said that Prime Minister Kim Jong-un promised to further strengthen North Korea’s friendly relations with China regardless of changes in international politics.

Stating that the leaders of Pyongyang and Beijing are maintaining strategic communication despite COVID-19, Wang said the two countries will strengthen their ties and cooperate closely in many areas.

China is a traditional and commercial ally of North Korea, which is subject to international sanctions for its missile tests and nuclear program.

Appointed as China’s ambassador to Pyongyang in February 2021, Wang took office 2 years later due to border restrictions caused by Covid-19.

Wang met with North Korean Foreign Minister Choi Song-hee on May 9 and similar messages were given, although the meeting was said to have taken place in a warm atmosphere.

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