Lust magazine published a list of “the most sexually liberated cities in the world.” On this list, he declared Cologne, Germany, “the sex capital of the world.” This name comes from Cologne’s open-minded and respectful social diversity. The city is known for being overflowing with gay bars and LGBT events. Apart from sexual freedom, Cologne also has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The magnificent Gothic Cologne Dome (Cologne Cathedral) is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions. This city that stands out in every way is now the sex capital of the world. Let’s look at the details.

Cologne topped the list prepared by Lust magazine, leaving behind other famous cities.

Cologne is followed by the city of West Hollywood in the US state of California, known for its nightlife, the Red Light District in the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam, known for its nightclubs and parties, Madrid, the capital of Spain, which does not sleep at night, and Berlin, the capital of alternative music and dance. spectrum of Germany.

The city is known for its gay bars and sex shops.


Apart from sexual freedom, Cologne also has a rich historical and cultural heritage. K├Âlner Domu (Cologne Cathedral) is a building that fascinates visitors. Cologne is also known for its colorful and vibrant carnival festivals that take place every year. However, the main attraction has been the fact that every year the city hosts 23 LGBT events and 4 festivals of honor, with 17 gay bars and 19 sex shops taking part.

Lust magazine ranked each city on its list based on LGBT scenes.

The final score was obtained based on the number of gay bars, sex shops and LGBT events per capita in each region. He also analyzed the legal situation regarding sexuality, awarding the most tolerant regions. In addition to the fact that Cologne stands out for its sexual freedom, the conscious actions of people in this matter have brought the city to the top. In Germany, same-sex couples have the right to marry. Also in Germany there is the possibility of legal sex change without sex change surgery. In Cologne, the LGBT office has been run by the city council since 2010.

When the magazine first published the Sexual Freedom Cities Index article, the American metropolis of New York ranked first. Two years later, this never-sleeping city dropped to eleventh place.

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