The statement that those who have the BionTech vaccine developed against the Corona virus will die within 8 years has confused the situation.

Now, the “graphene oxide” claim has been added to the nonsense circulating on social media.
Such is the claim.

Pfizer has announced that the COVID-19 vaccine it is producing with Biontech contains graphene oxide, and those who receive this graphene oxide will die within eight years.

Graphene oxide is a controversial substance in the scientific world. There are also articles saying that it has many positive functions and there are articles that its presence in the blood causes problems. This is how the pharmaceutical world usually works. The mechanisms of harm and benefit are complex and related to perspective.

Since ancient times, it has been known that it is the dose that separates the medicine from the poison. However, one more fact is known.

Pfizer has no explanation for the presence of graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vaccine. And the composition of the COVID vaccine from Binotech is already known and there is no information that it contains this substance.

Whether it exists or not, I don’t know how reliable it is for Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical company. But one thing is for sure: the “according to Pfizer” statement at the heart of the claim is a lie.

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