South Korea, an interesting country in the Far East, has had a rather unexpected agenda lately. Chun Woo-won, the grandson of Chun Doo-hwan, who ruled the country from 1981 to 1988, has made quite remarkable posts on his Instagram account. Chun Woo Won revealed his family’s dark secrets in videos he shared on his social media platform. Claiming that his grandfather, a former president, was a “murderer,” Chun explained that his father was involved in money laundering. Let’s look into the details of the scandal that has stirred up South Korea together.

Chun Woo Won, the grandson of former President Chun Doo Hwan, who ruled South Korea from 1981 to 1988, shared a series of videos on his social media account saying he wanted to shed light on the crimes committed by his family.

Chun Doo Hwan

Chung Woo-won, who brought extremely serious charges against his family members, said he believed his grandfather was a murderer. Commenting on the matter, Woo Won said, “I think my grandfather was a murderer. He is not a hero defending his country, he is more of a criminal” used phrases. However, the ex-president was not Woo-won’s only target.

Woo Won claims his family laundered money

Chun Woo Won

The 27-year-old claimed that his family was laundering money in videos he shared on his Instagram account. Woo Won said about it:My father and stepmother spend money to live on‘ made a statement. On the other hand, according to Woo-won, his father was not the only member of the Chun family who laundered money.

Woo-won said he also suspects his uncle of money laundering in the video where he reveals his family’s dark secrets. Claiming that his uncle runs a Napa Valley winery, Woo Won said:Arab business is not a job for a person who does not have astronomical money. Smells like black money.” He said.

Chun Woo-won also shared the names, photos, and social media accounts of his acquaintances who he claims have committed drug or sex-related crimes.

However, some of Woo-won’s posts were later removed.

Chun Woo Won shared her driver’s license, residency documents, and photos of her childhood grandfather taken to verify her identity.

Chun Woo Won

Woo Won, who made statements that embarrassed South Korea, said he revealed his family secrets because he wanted to cleanse his life of sin and pain.

Chun Woo Won

Woo Won stated that he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder last year but was being treated; He stated that his family may claim that he is mentally ill. That’s what happened.

Woo Won’s father, Chun Jae Young, claimed that his son was mentally ill.

Chun Woo Won

Chun Jae Young stated that Woo Won was suffering from deep depression and changed dramatically last Monday. The father, whom his son accused of money laundering, said that after this substitution, his son called himself a “devil”. Finally, Chun Jae Young stated that he wants to apologize to the people whose names and photos he shared on his son’s Instagram.

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