Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and robotics technologies are causing significant changes and developments in many professional fields. In particular, artificial intelligence is driving exciting and interesting developments in fields ranging from education to healthcare, from engineering to the arts. One of the most interesting results of this rapid development appeared in the last period in China. Chinese mobile gaming and metaverse company NetDragon Websoft last year appointed an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot named Tang Yu as CEO of its subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Websoft. Thus, Tang Yu became the owner of the title of the world’s first robot manager. We can say that this interesting manager, who works 24/7 and does not receive any salary, brought the company significant success. Let’s look at the details together.

NetDragon Websoft announced that last year, an artificial intelligence-enabled virtual humanoid robot named Tang Yu was appointed CEO of Fujian NetDragon Websoft.

The responsibilities of the world’s first robot CEO included leading organizational and productivity departments, overseeing operations, streamlining workflow, and improving quality.

In other words, among the things expected of this interesting manager are extremely tedious things, such as making difficult, difficult and risky decisions, creating the necessary conditions for the implementation of these decisions, following these conditions, responding to internal requirements and needs. . With all this, Tang Yu is used as a real-time data center and analytics tool for the company’s board of directors.

Tang Yu is expected to be a fair manager towards the company’s employees.

Tang Yu

This extraordinary CEO is also being asked to treat the company’s employees fairly and create a fair and productive work environment for employees. Dejian Liu, President of NetDragon Websoft, commented on this historic appointment.We believe that artificial intelligence is the future of corporate governance.” uses expressions.

However, according to Liu, Tang will change the way business is done and drive the company’s strategic growth. Finally, Dejian Liu adds that Tang Yu is a female robot. So, what is the performance of the world’s first robot CEO?

Tang Yu saved NetDragon Websoft from a huge salary burden in the first place

Tang Yu

The data shows that people who work for companies of similar size and do the same jobs as Tang Yu earn about $20 million a year. Tang Yu, on the other hand, waived his salary! He also does not get sick and does not go on vacation. He thinks only about the success of the company. All this shows that the CEO has relieved the company of a huge salary burden. But Tang Yu’s contribution to the company is much greater.

Various data also showed that Tang Yu is an extremely successful CEO.

Tang Yu

For example, the Hong Kong stock market, where the company is traded, lost an average of 2.8 percent during Tang Yu’s 6-month period in office, that is, from August 2022 to February 2023.

However, NetDragon Websoft’s stock rose 18% in the same period as Tang Yu’s successful applications. In other words, Tang Yu increased the company’s total value to over $1 billion while he was at work. This success of Tang Yu and developments in artificial intelligence technologies heighten the possibility that robot CEOs will become much more common in the future.

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