In sperm donation, a man’s sperm samples are collected and used to fertilize another woman’s eggs. This is usually done to help couples with male infertility or women who want to have children alone. Usually, men who donate their sperm receive a certain amount of money at the end of this process. This process occurs by protecting the identity of the donor through various legal and ethical standards. There is no sperm bank in our country for various legal and social reasons.

A woman who became a mother through a sperm donation in the Netherlands is suing a sperm donor who, despite being blacklisted, is the biological father of hundreds of children around the world. Let’s look at the details together.

The Dutch Child Donor Foundation has blacklisted Jonathan M., 41, from donating sperm again.

The Dutch Child Donor Foundation is an organization founded by people who were born as a result of sperm donation. Dutch law does not allow sperm donors to donate sperm to more than 12 women and be the biological fathers of more than 25 children. This is done so that one donor does not have hundreds of children. Because such a situation may increase the risk of incest or consanguineous marriage in the future.

Despite these strict laws, Jonathan M., who lives in The Hague, the Netherlands, turned out to be the biological father of 102 children in his country.


He was then blacklisted in the Netherlands and is no longer allowed to donate. However, Jonathan M. continued to donate to other sperm banks around the world. A woman who became a mother thanks to the Dutch Child Donor Fund and a donation has filed a lawsuit against Jonathan M. demanding that he be banned from making more donations and that he name the clinics he has donated to at the moment. First, the Hague court will consider the case. The date for the hearing of the case by the court has not yet been determined.

Jonathan M. announced that he is the biological father of 550 children around the world

The Netherlands banned the anonymity of sperm donors after 2004. Children born as a result of donation can learn the identity of their biological father when they turn 16 if they so choose. Having hundreds of children for a donor can cause many problems. The more children born from the same donor, the more likely they will be related to each other in the future. This can lead to incest, consanguineous marriages and, as a result, to the birth of sick children. For this reason, no more than 25 children are allowed to be born with donor sperm.

In 2017, the Dutch Society of Gynecologists issued a warning to clinics accepting donated sperm.

The association announced that the donor, Jonathan M., had at least 102 children, so he was blacklisted to no longer donate sperm. But despite the laws and prohibitions, Jonathan M. continued to donate. Research on him revealed that the man lied about the number of people he donated to women he met online. It also became known that Jonathan M. donated sperm to clinics around the world, from Australia to Ukraine.

Thies van der Meer, president of the Donor Child Foundation, decided to take action

Saying that the national governments did nothing about this man, Thies van der Meer explained that Jonathan M. did business with major international sperm banks via the Internet. Van der Meer said: “It is dangerous not only biologically but also mentally for blood relatives to have sexual intercourse with each other out of ignorance. You will have hundreds of half-brothers and half-sisters. You will never be able to establish healthy communication with them,” he said, expressing his concerns. Mark de Heck, a Dutch lawyer, said that what Jonathan M. did was illegal: “This behavior is dangerous for the health and spiritual development of donor children. The donor is acting illegally, giving preference to the reproductive drive.”

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