Portuguese Tourism Minister Rita Marquez believes her country can use sustainability to attract more tourists.

Achieving this will require a variety of efforts, including “continuous and careful renewal of the coast to compensate for sand receding by sea level rise, maintaining the coastal defense structure and dredging coastline breakwaters,” Marquez said.

The tourism minister believes that if this is successful, his country will be able to generate 28 billion euros in tourism revenue by 2027.

 Arguing that Portugal does not have extraordinary assets such as idyllic landscapes, enchanting seas and truly delicious gastronomy, it is not possible to sell yourself with simple tourism marketing, said Marquez, “We have to work from a different perspective and focus on this business expertise. ”

 To achieve this goal, Portugal signed an intervention protocol worth 800,000 euros to protect the dune system between Mindelo and Ribeiro de Silvares. In addition, the country plans to increase the budget to 143 million euros to finance other means of warfare on the coast.