Artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop at an incredible pace. Although many experts believe that this technology, which is said to contribute to an important leap in human civilization, is still in its infancy, artificial intelligence is already being used in many different fields. For this reason, the artificial intelligence race between technology companies has also accelerated. In this direction, the most striking step of the last period was made by the technology giant Microsoft. The company recently activated the Bing search engine powered by the ChatGPT artificial intelligence bot.

The ChatGPT-enabled Bing search engine, which was initially praised, caused a stir in the tech world. So much so that some experts argued that Bing would overthrow Google and even go down in history. Well, can Bing really compete with Google, let’s find the answer together.

Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, recently launched the AI-enabled search engine Bing.

In fact, the company has been working on this search engine for a long time. However, after Microsoft decided to invest $10 billion in OpenIA, the company behind the AI ​​bot called ChatGPT, the most notable AI bot of recent times was integrated into the search engine. Thus, one of the most exciting steps in the world of technology has been made.

Bing, recently offered to a limited number of users, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Some experts even believed that the search engine could compete with Google and, moreover, go down in Google history. However, as the number of users of the search engine increased, the color of the comments began to change …

Recently, Bing has received negative reviews from many users.

There are many users who are unhappy with the new search engine. But it’s hard to say that the AI-powered search engine just failed. Some user reviews say that Bing is extremely interesting but doesn’t work yet.

There are those who claim that the search engine gives false information, confuses and even scolds users.


For example, some Bing users on Reddit claim that the search engine is “insisting that we are in 2022.” On the other hand, in the related post on the site, it is seen that the search engine tells the person who does not want to accept this incorrect information that he is a “bad user”. Microsoft did not remain silent in the face of this interesting event. A company representative said:Bing strives to ensure that answers are both interesting and factual.he made a statement.

Representatives of the company remind that the search engine is in the “preview” stage.


The company said in a statement that depending on various factors, such as the length or context of the conversation, the search engine can sometimes provide unexpected or incorrect answers. However, it is stated that the search engine, which is not yet open to all Internet users, will become available to millions of people in the coming days.

Microsoft has imposed a restriction on the use of its search engine after negative reviews


With the new limit, users can ask the search engine no more than 5 questions per session and no more than 50 questions per day. With this limitation, Microsoft aims to prevent long and two-way chat sessions. So, if we go back to our original question, the new AI-powered search engine can’t compete with Google just yet.

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