The alimony crisis between the famous actor Burak Sergen and Ishil Sergen, whom he divorced in 2018, is growing.

Burak Sergen, who has a son named Jansyn from a 19-year marriage, said he finds it difficult to pay child support. Rebelling against this situation, Sergen reacted to his ex-wife by announcing that he was sentenced to three months in prison.

Burak Sergen divorced his colleague Ishil Sergen in one session in 2018. The actress, who agreed to pay alimony, after parting, settled her 14-year-old son and ex-wife in her house in Ulus.

According to news from Onur Aydin from Habertürk; The duo, who have been known for news in recent years under the name “The Anaphak Crisis”, have remained silent on the matter. Burak Sergen, who filed a lawsuit the day before in the alimony case, made a statement to the press.


Expressing that he was a victim, the 62-year-old actor said: “A house, three cars, my mother’s house in Ankara and I’ve lost it in recent months; The mortgage on my father’s house, which was divided among five siblings, was transferred to my child and ex-wife. Education, sports, vacations… I paid for it all. I agreed in exchange for alimony in the amount of 18 thousand TL. Since I wanted my child to be in excellent conditions, I approved and always paid child support. According to the protocol, alimony increases every year. We could not agree on education. He changed three schools in one year and forced the child to drop out of class. These are differences in education. He acts on his own and does not give any information without asking, as I will find out later.


Expressing that he made all the sacrifices for his son, but abused the favor of his ex-wife, the famous name stated: “They go on vacation to London, their bill comes to me, they went to Bodrum and their bill comes to me. You know, a joint decision will be made, as it is written in the minutes. If the objection is not accepted, I will have to pay a fine. I go to bed for my baby for three months, how do you explain this to the baby? Are you going to say, “I sent your father to jail”? I used all my work, all my assets to pay child support. I’m afraid I’ll go to jail. I’m risking my career. I risk it all for my son. I wasn’t going to say it either, but I took out a loan to pay child support and paid it back. I sold my house in Bodrum and paid a large sum.”


Burak Sergen, who contracted the coronavirus in April 2021 and was treated in the hospital for 45 days, said: “During the Covid-19 period, I had a serious illness. Despite this, I went to the set again. I only worked to be able to pay child support. I could not pay because the alimony increased to 70 thousand Turkish liras. Because I can’t afford to pay. If, by a court decision, it is withdrawn up to 20 thousand TL, I will pay, I am not running away!” he expressed his reproach.

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