Known for his black and white drawings, British artist Sam Cox brings great designs to life. Cox, who made a name for himself with his drawings on cars and other everyday objects, is back in the spotlight this time around with his ambitious project. Cox covered his entire 12-room house with drawings using 900 liters of white paint, 401 cans of black spray paint, 286 bottles of black drawing paint, and 2,296 pens. The artist spent two years on this work. But he seems to be quite satisfied with his work. Let’s take a closer look at Cox’s work.

mr. Sam Cox, nicknamed Doodle (Mr. Scratch), in the video announced his new project, in which he filled all 12 rooms with drawings.

In the video, we can see that every surface of the house is covered with drawings. From sheets to chairs, from computers to clothes, Cox painted black and white designs on every surface. The artist claims that he has been designing this project since childhood, so he keeps it a secret from everyone.

The artist turned his house, which he bought for £1.35 million before starting his drawings, into a white canvas in two months.

After turning his home into a canvas, Cox began painting in black and white. Meanwhile, the artist defined different themes for each room. For example, while the kitchen is full of food designs like hamburgers, the room he uses as a space for reflection is covered in clouds.

The video, which went viral on social media, garnered more than 20 million views in its first weeks.

Sam Cox

Many people expressed admiration for Cox’s persistence. But many people also started a heated debate about whether to live in this doodle house or not. The artist Cox and his wife will be moving into this house soon. This project, to which he devoted two whole years of his life, seems to have made him extremely happy. Let’s take a closer look inside the house.




4. You can watch this video to view the whole house👇

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