Two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras destroyed thousands of buildings in 10 different cities and killed thousands of our people. The devastating effects of the earthquake are deeply felt not only in the earthquake area, but throughout Turkey. Search and rescue operations continue in earthquake areas, and teams on the ground are working hard to rescue our citizens from the rubble. In addition, our people, who are far from the disaster area, have also launched a campaign to help those affected by the earthquake.

Thousands and millions of people across the country are making efforts to become part of the relief campaign, big or small. Many products are being delivered to the earthquake zone, such as food, medical supplies, clothing, and search and rescue equipment from dozens of different cities. Turkey is trying to heal the wounds of the great catastrophe all together as one heart. However, major brands did not remain indifferent to the mobilization of assistance in our country. Ambulances of many brands have been sent to the region in different areas in need. Here are some of the brands that have sent aid to the disaster area…

What materials are most needed in an earthquake zone?

1. Soke flour

2. LK Waikiki

3. Lesita

4. FLO

5. BiSU

6. Pinar


7. Pegasus

8. Subway

9. Trendyol

10. p11


11. Unilever

12. Exajibashi

13. CarrefourSA

14. Coca Cola


15. Shishekam


16. MediaMarkt


17. De facto

18. Cotton


19. Decathlon


20. Opet


21. Meat


22. Archelik


23. Danone



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