Death is a sad but natural part of life. However, in this age, when almost everything can be redefined and transformed, some segments also redefine death, and the question of what death actually means is a matter of considerable controversy. Extremely important and interesting projects are being undertaken in this direction, claiming to be able to defeat death using the possibilities of modern science. The most remarkable of these studies is undoubtedly the study of freezing the body, called cryonics!

Some scientists and private organizations, especially in the US, are making great efforts to freeze the bodies of dead people. Some scientists believe that in hundreds of years, humanity will have much more advanced technology than it does now, so that frozen bodies can be brought back to life.

While this may seem like a science fiction scenario, there is significant investment in cryonics research today. Many people want their bodies to be frozen after death, hoping that they can be resurrected even after hundreds of years. Here’s what you need to know about freezing dead bodies and the cryonics process.

While cryonics may seem like it has disappeared from the scene of any science fiction movie, there is a lot of money being invested in this research.

Blood is drained from the bodies of people who are confidently considered dead. Various chemicals are injected into their bodies. The bodies are then placed in tanks of liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius to wait for the day they are resuscitated. Thus, the goal is for the frozen bodies to be preserved to the highest standards and remain intact for many years.

Cryonics is also called “cryogenic freezing of the body”.

The idea behind this process is quite interesting. It is believed that today’s technology and medical science is not at the level to keep a dead person alive, but years later, dead people can be revived thanks to new technological capabilities and developments.

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, founded in Arizona, USA, in 1972, is one of the world’s leading institutions in the field of cryonics research.


The institution has been working in the field of cryogenic freezing of bodies for many years. There are more than 100 pets and 201 frozen people in the premises of the foundation. However, it is known that around the world there are between 500 and 600 dead people who are frozen in the hope of returning to life years later.

Alcor Life Extension believes death is a process!

Moreover, it is a reversible, transformable and replaceable process! The Foundation states that cryogenic freezing of the body is the most effective method that can be used to stop and reverse the process of death with future technologies.

On the other hand, the foundation’s work is based on the idea that “if the basic structures in the human body can be preserved, vital processes can be restarted.” Here, freezing the body allows some of the vital tissues of the human body to remain intact for many years. According to the fund, thanks to various technologies that will appear years later, it will be possible to restore vital activity to frozen bodies today.

A person wishing to freeze their body at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation must donate at least $200,000!

The cost of a brain freeze alone is $80,000. On the other hand, it is claimed that 201 people were frozen in the foundation, the youngest of whom is 2 years old. The Foundation refers to these corpses in its facilities as “patients”. In addition, it is stated that 1398 people living at the moment have applied to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation with a request to freeze their bodies after death.

Bodies must go through certain processes from the time of death.


Some cells and tissues in the body continue to live for some time after death. For this reason, the faster the freezing process occurs, the more healthy structures are taken under protection. In order for the freezing process to be carried out as quickly as possible, some of the Foundation’s employees live with patients who want to freeze their bodies in the last days of life. Thus, the freezing process can begin immediately after death.

The cryonics procedure is most often used by people with incurable diseases.


Also, in order for this procedure to be performed, the patient must volunteer while still alive.

Many scientists consider the process of cryonics to be just a hoax.


There are even those who accuse the fund of fraud. Thus, the general consensus in the scientific world is that it is not possible to bring dead people back to life through this process.

Cryogenic freezing of the body is already causing serious ethical controversy.


Some people argue that this process is a practice that serves the world’s wealthy and privileged classes, so it will add a new dimension to the world’s class conflict. However, some scientists believe that even if the implementation is successful, in the coming years it will create a moral and ethical crisis, both socially and individually.

In addition, there are scientists who argue that the question of “if today’s dead bodies come to life in hundreds of years, how the societies of the future will behave towards these people” should be seriously discussed.

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