US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke about the earthquakes in Turkey.

Greek and American delegations gathered for the US-Greece Strategic Dialogue Meeting, which was held for the fourth time this year.

Blinken, who paid an official visit to Athens, also held bilateral meetings with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

At a joint press conference following the meeting, Blinken and Dendias assessed the content of the meeting and regional developments.

Recalling that he had visited Turkey before going to Athens, Blinken stated that he had met with aid groups and families of soldiers in Turkey and said, “I saw the ruins, it was heartbreaking.” used the phrase.

Expressing that Greece sent search and rescue teams to Turkey after the earthquakes, Blinken said: “I thank you for your strong support during this difficult time.” said.

Emphasizing that Turkey and Greece have been working together since the earthquakes despite their longstanding differences, Blinken gave the following assessment:

“For the US, it’s pretty easy. Greece and Turkey are our partners, our friends. We will continue to work with them, including with NATO, to resolve their differences through diplomatic channels and ensure peace and security in the region.”

Noting that it is in the interest of both the two countries and the US that Greece and Turkey find a solution to their differences, Blinken said: “At the same time, the two countries should avoid unilateral moves or negative rhetoric.” He said.

Called the Ukrainian-Russian war Putin’s “strategic fiasco”

Stressing that Washington and Athens are strategic partners, Blinken stressed that Greece and the US also cooperate on security and defense.

Stating that the partnership between the two countries continues in the Ukrainian-Russian war, Blinken said: “It has been a year since Putin attacked Ukraine. It is clear that this war was a strategic fiasco. used the phrase.

Dendias message “Continue solidarity with Turkey”

Dendias also said that Greece does not link the assistance it provided to the victims of the earthquake with foreign policy after the earthquakes in Turkey, and said that the contacts between the two peoples because of the earthquake, the improvement of the atmosphere in bilateral relations can also have political significance. consequences.

Drawing attention to the damage suffered by Turkey and Syria as a result of earthquakes of unprecedented magnitude, Dendias mentioned his visit to the earthquake zone last week.

Noting that he was the first foreign minister of a European Union (EU) country to visit the region since the earthquake, Dendias said: “I had the opportunity to brief my colleagues yesterday at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels. I asked for help.” He said.

Declaring that the Greek people have collected and will continue to collect tons of humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey, Dendias said: “We agreed with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu not to wait for another disaster in order to improve our relations.” said.

Dendias said that in today’s meetings with Blinken, issues such as bilateral relations, 3+1 cooperation envisaged between Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA), Israel and the United States, energy, efforts for independence from Russia in natural gas, renewable energy sources were discussed.

The third round of the US-Greece strategic dialogue meeting was held in the US in October 2021.

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