United States President Joe Biden spoke about the new National Cyber ​​Security Strategy Paper.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has released a National Cybersecurity Strategy Paper. The 35-page document stated that the protection of critical infrastructures would be prioritized and the private sector would be tasked with providing continuous and agile cybersecurity.

The document notes that Biden’s cybersecurity strategy has two important differences from previous periods, one of which is the introduction of broad and binding rules in the US business world, and the other is the attack on computer networks of cybercriminal networks and foreign governments in retaliation for attacks on defense, intelligence and law enforcement against US networks.

In the section of the document entitled “Ignoring and Removing Threats,” “Our goal is to make it impossible for attackers to conduct cyber campaigns that threaten the national or public security of the United States.” expression was used.

In line with the new strategy, the document emphasizes that the US will intervene in cyber attack networks as part of a continuous operation: “Counter-attack campaigns must be so resilient and targeted that criminal cyber activity is destabilized and foreign state actors must engage in malicious cyber activity more should not be present, should not consider it as an effective way to achieve their goals. statements have been included.

The document states that counter-cyber-attack activities will be carried out by the National Cyber ​​Investigations Joint Task Force, which is affiliated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and works with all US agencies.

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