US President Joe Biden has said they will not send the F-16 combat jets that Ukraine wants.

Ukraine, which resisted Russia for almost a year, is expecting more military support from Western countries. In announcing that he would hand over 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine in the past few days, US President Joe Biden has not been as generous with the F-16. Biden said the US will not supply Ukraine with F-16s. But good news for Kyiv came from France. President Macron gave the go-ahead to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

In a war that has left its 11th month behind, Ukraine and Russia have halted their advance, but so far have not been able to take the lost lands. For this reason, he is demanding more heavy weapons from Europe and the US. More bad news came to Kyiv, which occasionally got the support it wanted but fell short when it came to air defense systems and fighter jets. US President Joe Biden told Ukraine that F-16 military aircraft would not be delivered.

Back in Washington after visiting Maryland, Biden asked a White House reporter, “Will the United States hand over F-16s to Ukraine?” “No” to the question. gave an answer.

Biden also responded to a question about whether he would make a visit to Europe on the anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian war: “I’m not sure.” he replied.

On the other hand, Biden said he would visit Poland and that he did not yet know when that visit would take place.

Biden said they will discuss the budget cap at his meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday.

Claims that US President Biden will visit Ukraine on February 24, the anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian war, have come to the fore. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shared that Biden does not yet have a travel plan for the anniversary of the war.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that sending fighter jets to Ukraine is impossible if the necessary conditions are met.

Macron held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Mark Rutte as part of his visit to the Netherlands.

At the meeting, the leaders made statements about migration and support for green industries in Europe, especially the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Emphasizing that at the meeting with Rutte they discussed the Ukrainian issue, Macron said that they are determined to support Ukraine in all areas and for as long as necessary.

Asked about sending fighter jets to Ukraine, Macron said: “Nothing is impossible” and pointed out that fighter jets could be delivered to Ukraine as long as they do not increase tension, are not used on Russian territory and weaken the power of the French army.

While Macron said that Ukraine should make a formal request for combat aircraft, Rutte noted that no such request has yet been received from Ukraine.

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