US President Biden responded to the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

After protests against judicial reform continued for weeks and forced Netanyahu to take a step back, his son Yair Netanyahu claimed that the US funded the demonstrations. By making a statement on the matter, US President Joe Biden denied allegations of interference in Israel’s internal affairs.

Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said the US funded protests against “judicial reform” in the country. After the announcement, US President Joe Biden, who answered questions from reporters in Durham while boarding the plane after his program in North Carolina State and at the White House after landing, denied accusations of interfering in Israel’s internal affairs and stated, “We are not interfering. They know my position on this issue. They know the position of America. They know the position of American Jews.”

According to Anadolu News Agency, Biden was asked if he was concerned about democracy in Israel, which has been the scene of protests over judicial reform discussions, and said, “Like many strong supporters of Israel, I am very concerned. “given the answer.

Sharing the view that Israel is going through a difficult process and that they must deal with it, Biden expressed his hope that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will back out of the judicial reform deal.

“They can’t keep going down this path,” Biden said. I kind of made it clear.” He added that he hoped Netanyahu would act in such a way as to achieve real reconciliation.

Asked if he would invite Netanyahu to Washington, Biden replied: “No, not anytime soon.” answered. Biden said he did not speak to Netanyahu on the phone, but conveyed his message to him through his country’s ambassador to Israel.

Biden, regarding statements about US involvement in Israel’s internal affairs, said: “We don’t interfere. They know my position on this issue. They know America’s position. They know the position of American Jews.” said.

According to UAV news, Netanyahu’s son Yair claimed that the US State Department funded the protests and said, “The US State Department is behind the protests in Israel. Their goal is to overthrow Netanyahu and make a deal with the Iranians. Where is Shin Bet? used phrases.

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