The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, said that the rocket that fell on Poland was difficult for Russia to launch.

US President Joe Biden, after meeting with world leaders on the Indonesian island of Bali, said he could not say anything definite at the moment, but the first information they had showed that the missile that fell on Poland was unlikely to be launched by Russia.

Biden met with world leaders in Bali, where he was at a G20 leaders’ summit, following news that a rocket had landed on Polish soil.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Biden expressed his condolences to the relatives of those who died in the incident and said: “We (with the leaders) agreed to support Poland in investigating the explosion on Polish soil on the border with Ukraine. As the investigation continues, we will work together to determine our next move.” used phrases.

Biden said Russia attacked Ukraine’s critical infrastructure during the G20 summit in Bali. said.

“Is it too early to say that the rocket was launched from Russia?” one of the journalists asked. Biden said: “The first data that we have does not give such a result. I can’t say for sure until the investigation is complete, but it seems unlikely that the missile was launched from Russia.” gave an answer.

Biden, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, President of the European Union (EU) Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the European Council President Charles Michael has joined us.

What happened?

It was reported that an unknown rocket fell on the village of Przewodov on the border between Poland and Ukraine, killing 2 people.

After that, the National Security Committee of Poland urgently met and it was decided to “increase the combat readiness of military units.”

Many Allies have made statements that developments are troubling and have said that all aspects of the incident need to be studied and many details need to be clarified.

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