US President Joe Biden met with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.

The parties agreed to deepen cooperation in many areas, including the economy and energy.

US President Joe Biden met with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez at the White House.

Pointing out that diplomatic relations between the US and Argentina have been going on for 200 years, Biden said the latest meeting was a sign that the bilateral relationship would continue for another century. Stating that the US and Argentina are working together on democracy and human rights issues, Biden thanked Fernandez for Argentina’s position at the United Nations (UN) on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Biden also emphasized that they want to improve cooperation between the two countries on clean energy, important minerals, technology and security. Argentine President Fernandez thanked Biden for his vaccine support for his country and South America during the Covid-19 epidemic. Drawing attention to the negative impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the global economy, Fernandez reaffirmed his determination to work together to restore the economy. Expressing that his country and the United States consider democracy and human rights to be the main elements of development, Fernandez conveyed to Biden his concerns about global climate change.

In a written statement issued by the White House after the meeting, it was noted that the parties committed to work together to strengthen democratic institutions and good governance practices in the region. In the statement, Biden and Fernandez discussed bilateral cooperation to support the Ukrainian people and counter the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including the issue of food security, and expressed support for continued cooperation in areas. President Biden and President Fernandez agreed to work with other G20 nations to reform multilateral development banks to better address global challenges, and to deepen high-tech cooperation between the United States and Argentina.

A meeting between Biden and Fernandez was previously scheduled for July 2022, but the meeting was delayed due to Biden contracting Covid-19.

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