Kevin O’Connor, US President Joe Biden’s physician, said the President has cancer.

US President Joe Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor shared with the press that a lesion taken from Biden’s chest during a biopsy in February turned out to be a cancerous cell.

US President Joe Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, told Biden the results of a February 16 biopsy of a lesion in his chest. Dr. O’Connor stated that the biopsy lesion was a type of skin cancer called “basal cell carcinoma” and said, “All of the cancerous tissue was successfully removed. “There is no need for further treatment,” he said.

O’Connor stressed that basal cell carcinoma lesions do not tend to spread or metastasize. Stating that the lesions in question may increase in size, O’Connor noted that the area where Biden’s biopsy was taken had healed. O’Connor said Biden’s condition would be monitored as part of a routine audit.

The 80-year-old Joe Biden’s health report, which often appears on the agenda with statements about whether he will be able to fully fulfill his duty as President of the United States, was released to the public on February 17. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, in his post-mortem report at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, used expressions about Biden: “He is suitable for such duties as president, commander in chief, head of state.”

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