US President Joe Biden almost fell down the stairs after returning from Poland.

Following his contacts in Poland, US President Joe Biden nearly fell down the stairs as he boarded the presidential Air Force One plane to fly to the US.

US President Joe Biden moved to the US after his contacts in Poland. Biden, 80, almost fell down the stairs as he boarded the Air Force One presidential jet.

The footage shows Biden stumbling just outside the plane’s door and stretching both hands up the stairs.

Getting up again after he tripped, Biden then waved to people at the airport as if nothing had happened and boarded the plane.

While it is not yet known why Biden stumbled, no explanation has been given about his health condition.


Biden began climbing the stairs to board the presidential plane after answering questions from the press at Andrews Air Force Base ahead of his visit to Atlanta, Georgia on March 19, 2021.

Biden stumbled up the stairs and fell, stumbling over and over again. Biden’s hard moments were high on the agenda of the American press, with concerns being raised about President Biden’s physical health.

The White House also said that Biden was in good health, and attributed the incident to windy weather.

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