US President Joe Biden broke the record for his age in the White House. Biden turns 80.

US President Joe Biden turns 80, making him the oldest sitting prime minister in the nation’s history. The previous record was held by Ronald Reagan. Reagan left office at the age of 77.

No public events were held to mark the birthday of Biden, who became the first president to turn 80.

On the other hand, one of the most curious questions on Biden’s birthday was whether Biden would run again in 2024.

While the Republican part of the country claims that Biden is “mentally and physically too old” for the presidency, Biden often answers this question: “I’m perfectly fine.”

Republicans have long argued that Biden is mentally unfit for office, pointing to his difficulty speaking and apparent confusion during his public appearances.

According to a Politico poll earlier this week, 48 percent of voters think Biden is mentally unstable.

And 50 percent say they disagree with the president’s statement that he is “healthy.”

Biden said last week that his “intention” is to run for a second term in 2024, when he turns 82.

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