US President Joe Biden accused former President Trump of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

The Biden administration blamed the previous administration of Donald Trump for the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The White House admitted in its 12-page Afghanistan Assessment Report that the evacuation should have started earlier; however, the Trump administration has said that the lack of withdrawal planning is limiting options.

The White House shared with the public a summary of the results of the assessment of the end of the longest war in the United States.

The assessment, written by the National Security Council, argued that decisions made in the Trump administration regarding the Afghan withdrawal process have significantly constrained the Biden administration.


The report acknowledges that the evacuation of US citizens and their allies from Afghanistan should have started earlier; However, it was noted that the Afghan government and army, as well as military and intelligence units, were also responsible for the delay.

When President Biden took office, it was indicated that the Taliban had the strongest military footprint in Afghanistan since 2001 and that almost half of the country was under Taliban control.

In the report, the US intelligence community gave an overly optimistic assessment of the Afghan military’s readiness for combat; It has been noted that it is also effective in the problematic withdrawal process.


It was emphasized that President Biden heeded the advice of the military command regarding the speed of the withdrawal of American troops.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference today that President Biden still believes the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is the right decision; He said he was proud to have the military leading the process.

Refraining from giving clear answers to questions about whether President Biden regretted the decisions made and the steps taken in the process leading up to the exit, Kirby stressed that the purpose of the report is to better understand what happened in the process of future decisions. not to be held accountable.


The White House says the mistakes made in Afghanistan have helped to better deal with the Ukrainian crisis.

The report recalled that until February 2022, when Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, worst-case scenarios were simulated and actions were taken to share intelligence about Moscow’s intentions months before the invasion.

“Faced with a deteriorating security situation, we are prioritizing earlier evacuations,” the assessment said.


National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that President Biden inherited a diluted operation in Afghanistan from his predecessor Trump, which negatively affected the reaction.

Pointing out the importance of the transition process after a new president takes office, John Kirby said, “Transitions are important. “This is the first lesson we have learned here,” he said.


After the US exit, President Biden said that the agreement reached with the Taliban during the era of predecessor Donald Trump left the US no choice but to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The deal has been criticized by many analysts for undermining the US-backed government in Afghanistan.

The Afghan government has released 5,000 Taliban prisoners following an agreement reached in Doha, Qatar’s capital. The Taliban put forward this condition for participation in peace talks.


Republicans in Congress have sharply criticized the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, referring to the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, which killed 13 US soldiers.

Former US soldier Tyler Vargas Andrews, critically injured in the explosion, told a congressional hearing last month that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was a disaster.

It was stated that a more detailed assessment of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by the Biden administration, the State Department and the Pentagon would be sent to Congress, but these reports, which were declared top secret, would not be released to the public.

Republicans are demanding that confidential messages about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan be passed to Congress.

Michael McCall, chairman of the Republican-dominated House Foreign Affairs Committee, subpoenaed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for correspondence handed over by diplomats from the US embassy in Kabul shortly before his departure.

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