The local government of Berlin has allowed women to swim topless in public pools. This decision challenges the traditional norms of society by giving women more control over their bodies. It also allows women to move around safely and freely. The decision came after a woman was thrown out to fight for breaking the rules while topless tanning in a public pool. Because in the same pool, men could enter the pool topless. Let’s look at the details together.

Swimming topless is an important symbol in societies where the female body is sexist.

With this decision, Berlin gave women the opportunity to publicly declare their body and not be ashamed of this situation. This new law can help reduce pressure on women’s organs and increase equality in society.

The decision by the local government of Berlin comes as a result of the struggle of a woman who was thrown out of the pool for breaking the rules while sunbathing topless in a public pool.


Lotte Mies demanded compensation to protest her injustice, but her request was denied. However, Mies did not give up, and as a result of this struggle, the local government of Berlin changed its mind about swimming topless.

Mies made the following statement after the decision 👇


“It is very important to me that all genders have the same rights. You have one breast, and others see it as a woman’s breast. Then you have different rules, and that’s the problem.” According to the public, the fact that this body part, which is the same for men and women, is prohibited for only one sex, is discrimination. As a result of Mies’ determination and struggle, women in Berlin will be able to swim topless in public just like men.

The decision of the Berlin local government made Freikörperkultur, the free body movement, very happy.

Last summer, women were allowed to swim topless in the city of Siegen. Berliner Bäderbetriebe (BBB), a Berlin-based swimming pool operator, says that while it hasn’t actually changed its rules that stipulate that a swimsuit covers the genitals, the decision applies to all patrons, regardless of their gender.

Foreign visitors in Germany complained about this situation

However, in some public places in Germany, the notion that nudity is appropriate and good for health prevails.

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