Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Devlet Bahceli emphasized unity and solidarity in his message published on the occasion of Eid al-Adha holiday.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli said: “No matter what color of his skin and what level of accumulation of material value he has reached, people in any geography are people, they are entitled to equal rights and freedoms.”

Bahceli published a written message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

Speaking: “We are facing a picture of the world in which humanity is desperately searching and striving to find the treasure of peace and hope and rise to the pinnacle of the future and stability,” Bahceli said: “The dramas of life and civilization, caused by the thirst for justice, honesty, dignity, humanity and compassion , of course, is at an alarming level, ”shared his opinion.

“The oppressed people who feed the fish were never spoken about”

Bahceli said:

However, regardless of the color of his skin and the level of accumulation of material value he has achieved, people in any geography are people and are entitled to equal rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, ignoring this particular reality and the domination and dominance of an unprofessed and unexpressed oppressive caste system in the global system fuels discrimination and blows up the bridges between civilizations and nations. A deep gap between those who are never full and those who struggle to get rid of obesity; The huge contradiction between those who have never earned and those who do not even know the amount of their wealth makes it difficult to achieve a more secure, more peaceful, more prosperous world. This problem can be overcome through global solidarity and cooperation, but at the same time it can be eroded and eventually eliminated by ingraining a culture of empathy and responsibility.

“Everyone needs to keep a record of status and posture”

Sharing the view, “The goal of the so-called democrats and libertarians, essentially despotic and exploitative mentalities, and even despicable circles that turn such and abuse into a pattern of behavior and a philosophy of politics and life, is to sincerely take the initiative and win the hearts of people and the approval of Allah is in vain waiting,” Bahceli said:

Now the situation and position of everyone is taken into account as a result of the human human Turkish and Turkish age; people-nation; He urgently needs to reflect honestly on the relationship between nation and state. For those who are immersed in the bankruptcy of time and dignity, complaining about the non-existent darkness and trying to extinguish brightly lit fires, it would be useful first to reconsider their views on people and the nation, their attitude towards the world and humanity. Taking advantage of the atmosphere of love and tenderness during the holidays that we welcome, these incorrigible bewildered people are aware of their national identity; Although they can reach a level of intellectual, mental and voluntary consistency and get rid of the bottleneck to which they are doomed, it is obvious that with the available experience this is not possible.

Emphasizing that national and religious holidays are the bliss of peace, separation, memory, unity, harmony, brotherhood in every sense and unity in pain and joy, Bahceli said: “Thank God that you have reached Eid al-Adha; We are in a state of reaching a new period of opportunity to be worthy of the humane, conscientious and Islamic rewards of sacrifice.”

Bahçeli continued his message as follows:

Sacrifice is a spiritual proof and atonement for a Muslim’s willingness to sacrifice his entire existence in the way of Allah. In addition, the worship of the Sacrifice; It is the fulfillment and maintenance of a spiritual duty undertaken in order to draw closer to Allah, draw closer and obtain His approval in proportion to the means available. In fact, Eid al-Adha is a symbol of solidarity and cooperation. To the moral and spiritual message of the holiday, so that our social life acquires a sustainable quality in order and balance, in peace and security; I sincerely desire to obey and be faithful to the call for benevolence, hospitality and generosity. My heartfelt prayer is that the offended will reconcile and embrace, that the ice will melt between the offended hearts, and that the spirit of the womb will rise like a flag in all corners of our country. With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate our dear citizens and the Turkic-Islamic world on the holiday of Eid al-Adha and express my gratitude. I wish our brothers and sisters, who set off on the occasion of the holiday, spend their holidays away from accidents and troubles, reunite with their loved ones and loved ones in happiness. I greet all our brothers and sisters in the holy lands for Hajj Fariz with love and respect, I sincerely hope that their worship will be accepted, that they will be in their prayers and that they will return safely. Happy Eid al-Adha, I wish that Almighty Allah help us. I

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