Popular actor Ata Demirer made frank statements about his personal life and said that he does not value material things.

Actress Ata Demirer, who loves the sea and spends the summer months in Canakkale’s tourist paradise, Bozcaada, explained that he owns a boat and an olive grove and said, “I’m not the kind of person who buys property. We are friends,” he said.

Ata Demirer, who spent the summer on Bozkaada and made a name for himself through healthy eating and weight loss through walking, was a guest on Sibel Arna’s YouTube program “Whatever you are, be comfortable.”


The 51-year-old successful player said: “What I had at Bozkaada 20 years ago continues like this. I am not a real estate agent. We take friends, we need people. How about land, cars? What should I do when I’m alone and eating a car? said.

Ata Demirer: What should I do when I am alone, should I have a car?


Most recently, the comedian who introduced his fans to the film Bursa Bulbul said, “My biggest chance is to find out what I want. I don’t like big things. I don’t even have a car, I have a boat and an olive grove. To live my life, it is necessary to say “okay” to my choice. “How many more years will I have in my life?” For example, I don’t tour in the summer. I’m doing one Harbiye Open Air, that’s enough.”


Ata Demirer, in a program he participated in last January, said: “I lost 22 kilograms. I didn’t eat carbohydrates for lunch and dinner. I ate meat, fish, protein directly. I walked 45 minutes in the morning. He lost 22 kilos in 4.5 months and I didn’t do it with a nutritionist,” he said.

My friend had a stomach operation, I asked him: “What do you eat?” He said, “I don’t eat bread.” “Why do you need stomach surgery if you’re going to throw away bread?” I said. “I eat a loaf of bread in the morning and don’t eat anymore,” he said. I tried too. I lost weight very quickly. I drink alcohol only on the weekends, and on Sundays I balance it with a serious walk. In the morning I walk along the beach towards Topkapi Palace. I met with all the merchants, talked.

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