Inspiration is a very important concept for many artists. Haris Tsevis is one of those artists who are scrupulous about the source of their inspiration. Born in 1967 in Athens, the capital of Greece, the artist is known for his admirable mosaic work. The artist, who from time to time creates works of art for the world’s leading brands, also makes full use of the possibilities of traditional materials used in mosaic art in his work. But not only the artistic technique that he developed over the years and made completely unique distinguishes Zevis from many other artists. The Greek artist is also distinguished from other artists by extremely interesting sources of inspiration.

One of the elements that the artist often deals with in his work is Africa. The biggest source of inspiration is traditional African houses. Often built with nothing but bare brick, these traditional homes are embodied in the mystery of African culture, the strength of Africa, the resilience of the African people, or the beauty of the African woman in the artist’s mosaics.

Magnificent mosaics created by the artist based on traditional African houses make up a series he calls “African Bricks”. The artist who created the first African Bricks series in 2016 completed the second part of the series in 2021. Recently, the third part of African Bricks met with art lovers. Let’s take a closer look at the magnificent works of art filled with the mysterious beauties of Africa.

The artist, who was born in 1968 in Athens, the capital of Greece, began to be interested in fine arts as a child.

Trained in visual design and advertising in Athens and Milan, he began to create works in the field of mosaics.

The artist, who occasionally creates work for the world’s leading brands, institutions and organizations, continues his work from his studio in Paphos, South Cyprus.

Haris Tsevis creates mosaics on various topics. Sometimes political or historical figures, sometimes current events constitute the dominant theme in his works.

But Africa has a special place for Tsevis.

The artist creates magnificent works inspired by the traditional brick houses of Africa.

African Bricks, which he first created in 2016, is one of the artist’s most popular series.

Expressing that he has closely followed African culture and geography for many years, the artist “For me, it’s very powerful, very original. A solid foundation on which I can build my business.” defines it as

About African bricks, the artist says:I use a brick as the main element. Brick, borrowed directly from their traditional houses in African cities, is a symbol of folk art for me. A symbol of courage to build a safe place for the family” using expressions

Here are some of the works of the artist who created magnificent mosaics inspired by the traditional brick houses of Africa👇






Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis


Haris Tsevis

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