Arrest warrants have been issued for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in two cases in which he was on trial.

According to national media reports, Islamabad District Court held hearings in two cases in which Imran Khan was tried for allegedly selling gifts from foreign government officials during his tenure as prime minister and threatening a female judge last August.

Both courts issued separate arrest warrants for Khan, who did not attend the hearing.

By court order, a team from the Islamabad Police Department flew to Lahore by helicopter to apprehend Khan.

On the other hand, Khan left his home in Lahore to hold his first rally today for the elections to be held in Punjab on 30 April.

On February 28, an arrest warrant was issued for Khan, who did not attend a hearing that gifts received from foreign statesmen were sold during his premiership.

On March 5, the police went to take Khan into custody, but announced that he was not at home.

Khan appealed to a higher court against the decision, and the court suspended the arrest warrant until March 13.

In the Pakistani parliament on April 10, 2022, with a vote of confidence in the government of Imran Khan, 174 “no” votes fell.

Shahbaz Sharif, brother of Nawaz Sharif, who served three terms as prime minister of the country, was elected prime minister with the support of an absolute majority with 174 votes in elections held in parliament on 11 April.

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