Two weeks have passed since the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, which shook the whole of Turkey. Unfortunately, this natural disaster, which has affected more than 11 provinces, has killed thousands of our citizens and destroyed thousands of buildings. After the natural disaster, the victims of the earthquake were sent to different parts of the country. While cities receiving heavy immigration have seen exorbitant rent increases, disaster victims who have lost their homes and families are being targeted again. Social media users did not stand aside after the rent in Antalya reached 50,000 lira. Saying that they have received a lot of complaints about this, Hakan Akdogan, president of the Association of All Business Real Estate Consultants (TÜGEM), made several statements. Let’s look at the details together:

Rent in Antalya reached 50 thousand lira

After the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes, survivors are also struggling to find housing. Even in such catastrophic times, some malicious people are trying to profit by raising rental prices. In Antalya, one of the provinces where rents are rising, some houses cost as much as 50,000 Turkish liras.

Hakan Akdogan, head of TÜGEM, says prices will continue to rise.


“Currently, there is a very serious decline in the supply of housing. Supply cannot meet demand. Thousands of buildings collapsed as a result of the earthquake.” Akdogan says that this situation could trigger a rise in prices. He mentions that prices could rise in the future due to increased immigration and low supply.

Earthquake victims’ problems don’t end when they find an inexpensive home. Our citizens who want to collect their belongings from their damaged homes are officially experiencing a second victimization because transportation costs have increased by 100 percent since the earthquake.

The cost of transport in the city, which before the earthquake was 5,000 Turkish liras, increased to almost 20,000 Turkish liras due to opportunism.

“What is this greed?”

Before the earthquake, transport services, which amounted to about 15,000 Turkish liras from Hatay to Istanbul, increased to 40,000 Turkish liras after the earthquake. Alaattin Durmaz, Chairman of the Aydin Chamber of Real Estate Agents and Builders, who encourages people to be honest and conscientious. “What kind of people who raised after the earthquake, after? What is this greed? At the moment, I can’t find anything to say to those who are opportunistic and increase the rent on their home and increase its value.” said.

Social networks reacted to the opportunists














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