Football is one of the most popular team sports in the world. Millions of people around the world follow football closely. Spectacular performances by players, goals scored and conceded, incredible positions, red cards, penalties… Football has dozens of exciting moments that lock the audience to the screen. In this context, the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) declared which of the 74 leagues, including the Premier League and 5 major leagues in Europe, was the most “exciting” in the past season. In the list, the Bundesliga is ranked first and the Premier League is eighth. Let’s take a look at the details together…

While the most exciting football tournaments in 2022 were listed, goals scored, positions conceded and penalties taken in competitions played in 74 leagues between January 1 and September 26, 2022 were also included in the search.

Thus, offensive actions and exciting moments in matches played in 74 football leagues were assessed.

In 2022, the Bundesliga is leading in producing most scoring chances and average goals scored per game.


The Bundesliga won the most exciting league title of 2022 with a chance of scoring 12.96 goals per game and an average of 3.04 goals. In 2022, the penalty rate in the Bundesliga is recorded as 0.22. The second Eredivisie came in second place, with 12.67 scoring opportunities and an average of 3.05 goals, while the Norwegian League ranked third, with 12.41 scoring opportunities and an average of 3.18 goals.

The Premier League is eighth on the list.

When it comes to action, the Süper Lig managed to overtake four of the top 5 football leagues in Europe in the 2022 season. The Premier League, which has surpassed the English Premier League, La Liga, La Liga and La Liga, has become the eighth league with the largest A number of opportunities to score in 2022. In the football competitions that were held in Turkey last season, the chance of scoring 11.94 goals per game was announced, while the average goal scored was 2.91. The percentage of goals from a penalty kick is within 2.91 goals per match, 0.36.

The English Premier League ranks 10th with 11.88 goals per game and 2.84 goals per game, and is considered the most expensive football league in the world.


In the Italian Football League, 1177 goals were scored per match, and 262 goals were scored. In the French Ligue 1 football league, where world-famous footballers such as Messi, Neymar and Mbappe appear, the average goal position per match was 11.56, and the number of goals scored was 2.86.

The Spanish Football League is the least exciting league among the five major leagues!


In Spain, where important clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Sevilla compete, teams scored 10.93 goals per game and averaged 2.53 goals. On the other hand, among the 74 leagues, the leagues with the fewest goals scored were the Brazilian B League, the Ukrainian Premier League and the Bulgarian First League.

According to the list prepared by the International Center for Sports Studies, the largest number of goals were scored in Switzerland in 2022.


The Swiss Challenge League saw the highest number of goals scored in 2022 with an average of 3.38 goals per match. It is followed by Switzerland with an average of 3.22 and Norway with an average of 3.18. But the fiercest matches of the 2022 season were played in Brazil, South Africa and Morocco. The Brazilian second division scored 1.91 goals per game. 1.98 goals per game in South Africa and 2.02 goals in Morocco …

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