Recently, the most important public events and protests in the history of the country took place in Iran. The arrest of a young woman named Mahsa Amini on the grounds that she violated the rules of wearing the hijab and her death while in custody sparked strong protests.

In women-led demonstrations that have spread across Iran, protesters have demanded various rights and freedoms from a repressive regime that has been going on for years. The protests, which have been ongoing since September last year, have been described as an “uprising” by the Iranian government, and harsh measures have been taken to quell the protests.

However, these drastic measures were not enough to prevent protests in Iran. However, a very important event took place in Iran as part of the protests. Iran’s chief prosecutor, Mohammad Kafer Montazeri, announced the abolition of the structure called the “vice police” that took Amini into custody and was responsible for her death. Let’s look at the details together…

Last September, a young woman named Mahsa Amini was detained for violating the hijab rule in Iran.

Amini died in custody. Responsibility for Amini’s death was placed on the vice police, who were actively involved in enforcing the social enforcement of the Islamic dress code for women in Iran. After this tragic death, millions of Iranians gathered in anti-regime protests led by Iranian women.

The Iranian administration is trying very hard to suppress the protests, which quickly spread throughout the country and continue even today.

For this reason, more than 400 protesters and more than 60 security personnel are said to have died since September. Despite this, Iranian protesters continue to fill the squares in the country and reiterate their demands for freedom. Recently, a very important development has taken place in this regard.

Iran’s chief prosecutor Mohammad Kafer Montazeri announced the abolition of the structure called “vice police”!

In response to a question addressed to him at a meeting he attended last Sunday, Montazeri said:The vice police has nothing to do with the judiciary and is closed by where it was created.Using his statements, he stated that the organization of the vice police was abolished.

The vice police were one of the symbols of the repressive regime in Iran. The Vice Police were responsible for warning women involved in Iranian public life that they believed they were not following the religious dress code. Over time, the vice police also gained the right to detain those who did not comply with the dress code.

In announcing the abolition of the vice police, Iran’s chief prosecutor Montazeri said that a law requiring Iranian women to wear the hijab would be discussed in the Iranian parliament in the future.

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Dissatisfaction with Iran’s long-standing repressive regime and social problems such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, injustice and corruption reached its peak when Mahsa Amini was detained by the vice police and died in custody. Millions of Iranians reacted in an unprecedented way since the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Here are statements from Iranian Attorney General Montazeri that are seen as the start of important change led by Iranian women. On the other hand, the abolition of the vice police prompted comments that the Iranian regime had made “the biggest social concession since the revolution.”

The abolition of the vice police does not mean the abolition of the law that has been in force for years!

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Yes, the vice police will leave the streets, but many opponents of the regime are of the opinion that the regime will continue to suppress social opposition by other official and unofficial state apparatuses. For this reason, the practice, which the regime sees as a major step backwards, may not be enough to quell protests across the country.

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