The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats humanity can face. It is known that the climate crisis, deepening day by day, can destroy the life force on Earth if precautions are not taken. For this reason, scientists have long been making strenuous efforts to combat the climate crisis and eliminate the threat. In this direction, the environmental technology initiative Make Sunsets has implemented an extremely interesting project to combat the climate crisis: Darkening the Sun! However, this alternative method is seriously discussed in the scientific world. Let’s look at the details together.

Scientists are making intensive efforts to combat the climate crisis

In order to prevent a climate crisis that is dangerous enough to end life on Earth, countless theories are put forward and many experiments are carried out. In recent years, very interesting ideas and practices have also been developed to combat the climate crisis.

An environmental technology startup called Make Sunsets has implemented a plan to “dark out the sun”.

The initiative aims to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting the Earth with a solar dimming plan, thereby cooling the planet and preventing a climate crisis. So how did this plan, which sounds like a science fiction movie script, come to fruition?

Make Sunsets began releasing sulfur dioxide particles into the stratosphere in an attempt to cool the planet.

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As part of this initiative, in late 2022, helium balloons filled with sulfur dioxide were sent into the skies of the Mexican state of Baja California. When the helium balloons rise high enough, sulfur dioxide particles are ejected. On the other hand, free particles cause the sun’s rays to bounce back into space before they reach Earth. This method, called “solar geoengineering”, has now caused great controversy in the scientific world. However, the project to dim the Sun is not new.

The idea of ​​dimming the Sun, which was presented as an alternative method of dealing with the climate crisis, was first put forward by a professor at Harvard University in 1989. It was brought up by David Keith

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Although this idea, first put forward many years ago, is put forward from time to time by various scientists, in general, the scientific world is not very warm about this idea. Because it is not yet known how successful the idea of ​​darkening the Sun will be. On the other hand, there is no consensus on what gases should be used to cool the planet. According to some scientists, the widespread implementation of the plan may have adverse effects on human health.

On the other hand, those who support the idea of ​​darkening the Sun argue that humanity is moving towards a climate catastrophe at a tremendous speed, so all methods should be tried. Officials from the Make Sunsets initiative, which pioneered the project, say they completed the project as quickly and safely as possible. On the other hand, it is stated that the initiative will continue to launch balloons into the sky for some time.

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