Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Food, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of the RF Armed Forces, made a statement about America.

“The United States plans to provoke a provocation with the use of pesticides on the territory of Ukraine,” said Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the RF Armed Forces.

Igor Kirillov, Commander of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the RF Armed Forces, made statements regarding US actions in Ukraine.

After former US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan said that Russian soldiers were planning to use chemical weapons in the zone of a special military operation, Kirillov said: “We regard this information as the intention of the United States and its accomplices to carry out a provocation in Ukraine with the use of pesticides.” . “Russia will identify and punish the real criminals,” he said.

Noting that the United States and its partners were preparing for their planned provocation, Kirillov said: “On February 10, a train with chemicals arrived in Kramatorsk, accompanied by foreign citizens, which was towed to the area where the local Kuibyshev metallurgical plant is located. The cargo was unloaded under the supervision of employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SZBU) and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There were 16 closed metal boxes in the car. Half of them had a chemical hazard sign, the inscription BZ and two red signs,” he said.

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