The 2023 presidential election, together with the earthquake we experienced on February 6, is the most important issue on Turkey’s agenda. In light of recent events on the political scene, many people are trying to decide on the outcome of the election. Numerous polls and field polls are conducted following the results of the elections. Ihsan Aktas, Chairman of the Board of GENAR Research, known for his closeness to the AKP, provided some information about the results of their research on this issue. If you look at the statement Aktash made on his Twitter account, the results of the study are quite interesting. Aktash stated that they asked citizens questions about the government during fieldwork and claimed that the AKP did not lose its voice during the earthquake. Along with this, Aktash argues that “there is an opinion among citizens that the Republican People’s Party is slowly taking on search and rescue work and other issues.” Let’s go through the details of these extremely interesting explanations together.

We lost over 46,000 people in the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaras on February 6th.

Many buildings were destroyed in the earthquake zone, some residential areas were wiped off the face of the earth.

What happened after the earthquake that turned the earthquake into a catastrophe

The late start of search and rescue operations, problems in the field of communications and organization, and many other negative phenomena led to a very vivid picture in the first minutes after the earthquake.

In the future, new problems and new scandals arose.


The shortage of tents and containers in the area of ​​the earthquake and the associated housing problem have not been resolved to this day. However, at a time when millions of people have been left homeless, the Red Crescent is coming to the fore with tents and food supplies that it sells to NGOs. In a word, despite the fact that more than a month has passed since the earthquake, we continue to observe earthquake scandals.

The earthquakes that caused great destruction in our country, and the scandals that arose after them and constantly caused serious criticism of the authorities and the government.

So much so that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that after the earthquake, field research could not be carried out at the desired level in some regions. On February 10, Erdogan spoke about the size of the territory affected by the earthquake, adverse weather conditions and some other reasons.We could not achieve the desired speed of intervention” used the phrase.

Erdogan made a similar statement in Adiyaman, one of the cities hardest hit by the earthquake. During a visit to the region on February 27 “We couldn’t do the job we wanted in Adiyaman for the first few days, so I ask for your blessing.” used phrases. However, Ihsan Aktas, chairman of the board of directors of the research company GENAR, known for its closeness to the AKP, mentioned the results of a very interesting study in a statement on his social media page.

Ihsan Aktas stated that they did a post-earthquake field study and in that study they asked citizens questions about the government. Accordingly, he argued that the government did not lose its vote during the earthquake.


However, Aktash argues that Citizen also has interesting insights into the relationship between the Republican People’s Party and the earthquake, according to the study.

Aktash, chairman of the board of directors of GENAR, said they also polled voters about the attitudes of the opposition as part of the study.


If we look at what Aktash reported, the results of the study become even more interesting in this section. According to Aktash, “there is an opinion that the CHP plant slows down in search and rescue and other issues.” The expressions that Aktash shares regarding the results of this interesting study are as follows:During the earthquake, the Ak Party did not lose its voice. We asked questions about the government. We also asked voters about the attitude of the opposition. There was an opinion that the CHPP was slow with search and rescue and other issues.

Ihsan Aktash said on his Twitter account that they will be able to announce the data on the full results of the study in the coming days.


In other words, not all of the studies that include these remarkable results have been made public. However, Aktash, who follows the public, shares the first results of the study with believers on his Twitter account. Aktash tweeted that “We will reveal some data in the coming daysends with his statement.

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