The dream of many people is to live a quiet and peaceful life in retirement after many years of hard working life. The vast majority’s retirement plans include moving to a quiet seaside town, or at least returning home. But some people’s retirement plans are much more interesting and comprehensive!

People named Nazif Turan, Olcay Günay and Suleyman Ozmen turned the land they bought in the Bilecik region of Inhisar many years ago into a village with 38 families and a population of 100 people. However, this is no ordinary village. All those who live in the village and participate in the construction of the village are pensioners! After all, this village in the Inhisar region, immersed in unity with nature, is called the “village of pensioners”! Here’s what you need to know about this interesting settlement…

Nazif Turan, Oljay Gunay and Suleyman Ozmen decided to build a settlement on a 100 hectare site in 1996 and formed a building cooperative.

Their goal was to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday alone with nature. Three friends chose Chaikoy in Bilecik district of Inhisar to spend their retirement days. Located on the banks of the Sakarya River, this village has a very beautiful nature and climate. Three friends set up a building cooperative to build a village on the 100 hectare land they bought…

35 pensioners from Eskisehir, Sakarya and Bilecik joined the cooperative

In 2000, 38 houses were built on the site, in which pensioners and their families settled. Thus, one of the most interesting settlements in our country, the “village of pensioners” arose …

100 people live in the pension village with 38 households.

nursing village

Only pensioners and their families live in the village. Retired people from various professions, such as doctors, machinists, workers and civil servants, enjoy the fresh air, beautiful nature and tranquility of the village.

Each family in the pensioners’ settlement has its own agricultural field.

nursing village

Each farm in the village has a significant amount of agricultural land. Residents of the retirement village grow crops such as tomatoes, olives, figs and pomegranates on these lands. However, they also produce their own products such as tomato paste, tarhana and olive oil. On the other hand, many residents of the retirement village keep poultry, such as chickens and geese.

The Retirement Village is built in such a way as to allow its residents to lead a truly beautiful retirement life.

nursing village

Each house in the village was built on one acre of land. 80 square meters of this land were used to build houses. The remaining parts are used as green spaces and agricultural land. Thus, pensioners living in the countryside can grow their own agricultural products and live a life inextricably linked with nature.

The nature and climate of the retirement village are very suitable for a relaxing holiday in retirement.

One of the things the villagers love most about the region they live in is the climate of the village, which suits all seasons. People living here enjoy fresh air and wonderful climate during 4 seasons.

Pensioners are also quite satisfied with the social life of the village.

nursing village

There are strong bonds of friendship between the inhabitants of the village. In this way, an atmosphere of good cooperation and solidarity can be created. The villagers state that they are very happy and satisfied to live here and that they had a pleasant retirement period.

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