Having sex for the first time is exciting and intriguing for many. However, this experience brings with it many questions and concerns. In this article, we will try to answer the questions that arise in the minds of those who are going to have sex for the first time. We will touch on topics such as health, safety, relaxation and enjoyment and try to dispel any doubts about this particular experience. Remember that sex is a personal preference and everyone has their own time. Are you ready to take the first step? Then let’s start!

1. How to prepare for the first sex?

Before having sex for the first time, let’s talk about some tips to help you get ready:

Make sure you are emotionally ready

Maybe you’ve been planning this for a while, so you’ve done all the physical preparation. But are you emotionally prepared for whatever sex might entail? Check yourself. Analyze his emotional state. It’s okay to be nervous about your first experience, but if you have serious doubts, you might want to consider why.

Talk with your partner

Chat with your partner about anything that can help you relax and enjoy the moment. Joy, pleasure and affection are some of the emotions you can experience during sex. You can explore ways to experience and share these feelings through conversation.

Reflect and discuss sexual health and safety issues

Knowledge about sexual health and safety is no less important than the previous two points. You can find birth control methods to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.

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2. Should I use a condom for the first time I have sex?


Yes Yes Yes! Whether you are having vaginal or anal sex, you must use a condom. Although condoms protect against pregnancy during vaginal sex, they also prevent the transmission of STIs.

3. How to put on a condom?


If you do not know how to put on a condom, we will now tell you in three steps:

Step 1: Look at the product’s expiration date.

Step 2: After removing the condom from the package, check which side it is facing up.

Step 3: Put the condom on your penis and gently slide it down.

4. I’m too nervous for the first sex, how do I feel more comfortable?


There is nothing more normal than being nervous about your first sex! But if you want to feel a little more prepared, you can follow these steps:


Before getting to know someone else’s body, find out what you like. This will boost your self-confidence. Not sure where to start? Touch your body, making sure you are alone, and gradually you will find what you like.

Decide what kind of sex you like

There is more than one way to have sex. Some of them are: penetrating (vaginal or anal), oral, digital and nipples. Of course, you can enjoy several different genres at once.

Speak before undressing

Share your feelings with your partner before taking off your clothes. Communication makes sex much more fun.

Accept the fact that you will be nervous

No matter how ready you are, you will probably be nervous during the first time you have sex. Actually, that’s part of the fun. Accept your feelings!

5. How do you feel when you have sex for the first time?

to sexuality

Obviously, we cannot give a clear answer to this, because everyone is different! Set aside goals and expectations and enjoy what is happening. Minimizing expectations can help your experience. Some new items last all night, while others run out in seconds. Some of them are unforgettable, some are forgotten. Sometimes sex is pleasurable, and sometimes… not. Even under the best of circumstances, sex can be awkward.

6. Will there be pain during the first sex?


Sex shouldn’t hurt, it should be enjoyable. However, sometimes having vaginal or anal intercourse for the first time can be a little uncomfortable. If it hurts, you can stop and do something else. The first experience should be about joy and pleasure. It’s okay to feel a little uncomfortable, but if the overall experience isn’t what you want and/or you feel a lot of pain, then you need to stop.

7. Can the penis not fit into the vagina?


Like other parts of our body, penises and vaginas come in different sizes. Therefore, you can always encounter incompatibility or other obstacles during vaginal sex. The vagina tends to stretch. However, the vagina will also contract when the person is not ready. In this case, sex can be difficult or even a little painful.

8. Do you bleed after your first lovemaking?


Contrary to popular belief, blood may not come out of the vagina even after the first lovemaking. Often, bleeding after sex for the first time is associated with the hymen, known as the hymen. Rupture or damage to this membrane can cause bleeding. However, the hymen is not a sign of virginity! Because this little fabric is different for everyone. Some people may not have it at all, while others may be weak or flexible.

9. What should I do after my first sex?


Whether it’s the first or hundredth sex, you have to allow yourself later. You can drink some water, eat something, or hug your partner. You can also talk about things you might want to do differently next time.

10. Do I need to go to the toilet after sex?

It is good for women to urinate after sex. Because penetration and even contact with the external genitalia can lead to bacteria entering the urethra, leading to a urinary tract infection. Going to the bathroom after sex helps to get rid of these bacteria. But always use a condom.

11. Can I have sex while on my period?

If you’re comfortable, then yes! Much in sex depends on personal preferences. If you are going to have sex during your period, you can let your partner know ahead of time so they know what to expect. It is also better to lay a towel on the floor where you are going to make love, so as not to be afraid to get dirty.

12. Will I have an orgasm for the first time?

This is entirely up to you and your partner. If this is your twin’s first sexual experience, achieving orgasm may be difficult. But remember, you don’t have to reach orgasm to have good sex! Learning to have an orgasm is something that comes with time and experience. Sex for pleasure rather than orgasm opens up a world of possibilities and reduces pressure and expectations. But if you don’t get an orgasm when you have sex together and still want to, try mutual masturbation.

13. How do I know if I have an orgasm?

Orgasm in movies seems incredibly important. In real life… not really. Here’s how you can tell if you’re having an orgasm: First, notice the involuntary contractions of your pelvic muscles. Also, if you suddenly feel happy and at peace, you have probably climaxed.

14. What is the best position to have sex?

“There is no such thing as the best position.” It all depends on you and your partner. You may need to change a few different positions to find the correct one. You can also find out what you like and dislike by swapping places with your partner during sex from time to time.

15. How long will it take?

Again, it’s up to you! Don’t trust the porn movies you’ve seen before, they can be much shorter or longer. As a rule, penetration takes less than 10 minutes until ejaculation occurs. But sex doesn’t “end” after ejaculation. It ends when you want it to end.

16. Should I tell my partner that this is my first experience?

Deciding what and when to talk about your sexual experience is a very personal decision. However, your first sexual partner – and every partner thereafter – must be trustworthy enough to share this information. Being honest about your first time can help your partner better understand what you’re going through together.

17. What if I am “bad in bed”?

We rarely become great when we do something for the first time. You can’t draw the Mona Lisa when you’re about to paint in oils for the first time, can you? So why should sex be different? But if you’re still worried about being “bad,” the secret to having “good” sex is often to ask questions and write down the other person’s desires.

18. What if I want to stop?

Stop straight. It’s enough. As soon as you say stop, a good wife who cares about you and your taste will listen and understand. But a partner who doesn’t stop when you say stop is not the kind of person you would ever want to have sex with. Similarly, if the other side wants to stop, make no mistake and stop immediately.

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