The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that rocked the global agenda in 2014 has disappeared, leaving little to no trace. This event, full of questions, remained in the memory, despite the elapsed time. Search attempts and speculation continued for many years after the plane disappeared and its wreckage could not be found. Curious aspects of this event resurfaced in the Netflix documentary MH370: The Vanished Aircraft. The documentary discusses some aspects of the event and conveys the opinions of researchers and witnesses. Thanks to this documentary, the known and unknown aspects of the vanished MH370 aircraft are once again put under the microscope and the mysteries of the event are once again discussed. Let’s look into the details of this interesting event together.

How did the plane go missing?

MH370 was a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER on March 8, 2014. He was driving from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. While the aircraft was supposed to enter Vietnamese airspace, contact with the aircraft was lost at 01:21. Signals received later showed that the aircraft was off course and heading west towards the Malay Peninsula. However, it was not possible to establish exactly where the plane flew.

After the disappearance of the plane, many countries around the world began to search with the involvement of search and rescue teams and technological equipment. However, the wreckage of the plane was not found. Malaysia Airlines has speculated that the plane may have had a technical problem or an accident, but many were skeptical about the claim.

The disappearance of the plane has given rise to many assumptions and theories. Some claimed that the plane was hijacked and hidden for use by some terrorists. Others suggested that the pilot or crew members hijacked the plane.

The disappearance of the plane is still a mystery. The search continued for years, but the wreckage was never found, making it difficult to solve the mystery. The disappearance of the aircraft is considered a turning point in the history of aviation, and it seems that this issue will remain at the center of discussions for many years to come.

Who was on the plane?


Of the passengers, 152 were Chinese citizens. The plane boarded 50 passengers from Malaysia and 7 passengers from Australia. There were also passengers from Indonesia, India, France, USA, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Iran. Among the traveling passengers were important names.

In addition, there were well-known businessmen, teachers, engineers, students and tourists on board. Despite the fact that intensive search operations were carried out after the disappearance of the aircraft, unfortunately, no leads were found. Families and relatives of passengers still remain unanswered to questions about the fate of the missing.

Why did the plane disappear?

Why MH370 disappeared is still the subject of many discussions and theories. The fact that no wreckage was found during the search operations launched after the plane disappeared made the search difficult and left many questions in the mind as to why the plane disappeared.

The reasons for the disappearance include many different reasons such as technical problems, pilot error, terrorist attack and low fuel. First, the possibility of technical problems was considered and it was assumed that there could be a leak in the aircraft’s fuel line. However, no such problem was found during the investigation.

The possibility of pilot error was then discussed and the psychological profiles of Captain-Pilot Zachary Ahmad Shah and Co-Pilot Farik Abdul Hamid were studied. However, the negative could not be found, and it was concluded that both pilots were ready to fly.

The possibility that the aircraft could have been hijacked was also considered. It was later revealed that some of the passengers were traveling on the plane with fake identities. This increased the likelihood of a terrorist attack. However, no terrorist organization has claimed to have hijacked the plane.

Finally, the possibility of the plane crashing into the sea due to low fuel levels was discussed. However, the fact that the plane crashed into the sea too far from its planned route weakened that possibility.

To date, no final conclusion has been made about the cause of the disappearance of the aircraft. What happened on the plane and its causes are still a mystery.

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